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Where You Can Find Me

hello, it's me

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA on the blog for a while. (You have noticed, right?) Anyway, I plan to change that ASAP, but before I can get back to my regular blogging style, I wanted to at least give you a semi-good excuse for disappearing and also tell you where you can find me these days.

Besides all the holiday hub-bub over the last couple of months, Husband has been working an insane amount of hours, like INSANE,  for a few months now. It’s great for business, and I do not want to complain. It’s just harder than normal to find the time to do anything other than feed Luna, do laundry and keep woodpeckers from tearing our house down.

mommin' ain't easy

found this gem from Thug Life Shirts

I’ve been working part-time for a doctor also. I only work when Luna is at Mother’s Day Out, so it’s a pretty sweet deal. However, it’s become a challenge and a guilt-trip to get chores, cooking, errands, writing, anything, etc done after I pick-up Luna from school. I really don’t know how full-time working parents do it. Color me impressed. Husband, has been missing Luna so much while he is a work that he actually installed a Nest Cam in our living room so he can watch her playing. But, back to me, if you want to see some of what I do work, you can follow us on Facebook.

working hard

Working with my BFF

I’ve probably mentioned this at some point, but I’ve also been busy writing for The Nashville Mom. The Nashville Mom is a blog that began as a way to connect with other Nashville parents and share ideas, tips and great local family-friendly finds. It is locally focused, but it’s also grown a lot and offers ideas for Moms and Dads everywhere too. Here’s my latest piece.

the nashville mom

And, in case you’re curious about our latest adventures… We’ve been half-marathon training (which is life-consuming), the Zoo Run, Luna’s second birthday, a trip to Mexico, lots of snow, gymnastic classes, Husband in the New York Times, a trip to Atlanta and a lot of coffee in the midst of the fun. If you’ve missed me, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. I’ve actually managed to keep those updated!

family in mexico

Just some family fun in Playa Del Carmen

See you soon with plenty more adventures, and anxiety too!


Becoming a Toddler: Luna is Two

Today, Luna is two. Two years ago, was Luna’s not-so-magical arrival. In fact, it was more traumatic than magical, but definitely worth every heart-breaking moment. Then last year, after what felt like a couple of months, she turned one and it seemed as if she could not get any better. (I mean she could sleep more, but otherwise she was pretty awesome.) Today, she’s two, and boy did we both learn and grow a lot in the last 365 days.

Around Luna’s first birthday, I was in line at Starbucks when a woman with her two school-aged children behind me asked about Luna’s age. I smiled, answered and waited for the “enjoy it while it lasts” comments I typically receive, when she surprised me. She said, “Oh, well you should know, it just gets better.” I must have looked surprised because she followed up by explaining that she is always sad and a little scared about her children getting older, but each year it just gets better and more fun. It’s one of the nicest thing another parent has ever said to me and  I think of it very often.

It’s true, as all the repetitive parents’ Facebook statuses say, they grow up so fast and it is so sad! They go from baby to toddler in the blink of an eye and we are left wondering, where the hell did the time go? I refused to call Luna a “toddler” for the longest time. She’s my baby for goodness sake! I am constantly in awe of what she does and says each day. I still watch the video I made of her first year and cry. She was so little and so bald! I miss that little chunk that loved being swaddled and sang to sleep. However, that random Starbucks Mom was right… so far it has only gotten better.

Luna rocks. Two years ago, one year and even a month ago, I held her and thought she just couldn’t get any cuter/sweeter/funnier and I was wrong each time. Now, my toddler girl loves to sing and take gymnastics class. She asks me to “turn on the moosic”. Then says, “come dance Mama!” as she grabs my hand. Luna knows her GranDude, Wendy, Honey and PawPaw and asks for them by name. She has favorite characters and babies that she takes care of and puts “night night”. She begs me to “snuggle Wuna”. She loves waking up Dada in the morning, taking “dada showeis” and forcing us both to read 2,000 books every night. She may not be an infant, but she’s the world’s cutest toddler and brings us more joy and laughs than we ever imagined.

Last year, I made a video montage of Luna’s first year, and I decided I had to do another for her second year. I chose Macklemore’s Growing Up for this year’s song because a) Husband and I both love the lyrics and b) we are big Macklemore fans. I mean, how can a collaboration between Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Ed Sheeran not be the perfect song?

So, here it is…a look at Luna’s second year. The year she went from baby to toddler right before our very eyes.

Happy 2nd birthday baby girl.


My New Favorite Rainy Day Playdate

museum playdate

While my friends from Texas were visiting we spent the majority of our time finding cool local activities that not only entertained, us but also entertained our toddlers. There seem to be unlimited outdoor activities and locations that keep both adults and kids’ attentions alike. The struggle was when the weather was too cold or rainy and we had to find an indoor location to explore. One popular Nashville attraction that really surpassed our expectations was the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

children's room at the frist

We arrived on a rainy weekday morning expecting the worst and hoping for the best with our little ones. Both were already acting fussy and we all assumed taking tots to an art museum was a disaster waiting to happen. As we entered the exhibits on the first floor they were mostly calm. The kids seemed happy as we strolled them around. Sure, there was talking and a few excited bursts, but overall, they were good. In fact, no one else seemed to mind their chitter chatter either.

mommy daughter at art museum

However, boredom set in quickly, and we decided to head upstairs to the Martin ArtQuest Gallery. This is the children’s gallery and it is the bomb. It is a really large interactive space with 30 hands-on stations. Your kids (and yourself!) can make so many unique creations. My friends, myself and our kids definitely spent the majority of our time here, and I don’t regret one second of it.

painting at the frist

Luna LOVED painting, coloring, drawing, playing with the kaleidoscope computer program and building with the magnetic blocks. Her buddy, Orion even made a fancy stop-motion dinosaur movie. There is just so much to do for everyone of all ages. You can make prints, collages, learn about patterns and textures, and the stations change periodically so it’s not like you’ll get bored with more visits.

luna learning to draw

We really loved our visit and were so thankful it turned out to be a great rainy day activity for us and the kids. I’ll be putting the Frist in my list of “what to do this winter with Luna “. Oh and BTW their cafe has some yummy food, but you can also pack your owm lunches to eat I’m the cafeteria.

What do you guys plan to do in the rainy/cold/snowy days this season?

Taking My Toddler To See Ice at Opryland

ice at opryland

Ice! is back in Nashville as a part of Opryland’s Country Christmas festivities. This year’s theme? The Nutcracker. Dates? Now through January 2nd. Am I about to review this year’s experience? Yup. Did I love it, like I love most Nashville adventures and events? Nope. And here’s why…

ice featuring the nutcracker

We have been to Ice! a million times (approximately). We love it. Every year gets better. They’ve added colored ice, more slides, more rooms, a bigger gift shop, more food, a train ride, ice skating and the list goes on and on. It’s been a fun holiday tradition of ours and we typically take out of town friends and family with us. Which, is a big reason why this year was extra disappointing.

nutrcacker ballerina ice


It was so very short. It took us 15 minutes max to get through (and that’s with looking at everything AND Luna getting stuck on the slide and having a major meltdown). The worst part? It costs $27/adult and comes with nothing, but your pass to see Ice. We had to pay an extra $3 for our tots to ride the tiny train that goes in a circle. Honestly, they would have been beyond thrilled had we just done that and skipped the ice exhibit.

ice slide opryland

Don’t get me wrong, the ice is beautiful! The ballerina sculptures are some of the best work I’ve seen over the years. I took some extra time to soak up the details in their carefully carved costumes. Perhaps, that’s why it’s so much shorter this year? I don’t know, but it was clear to us veterans that this year’s exhibit was missing a lot. What’s worse, is that our friends, who have never been, came out asking “Is that it?”

train ride

Look, I love Opryland this time of year. The decorations and lights inside the hotel are totally worth the traffic and the parking. You can walk around for hours with the whole family, for free. I just can’t recommend you spend your money on Ice! this year… I just can’t. Even though, I will still go back next year with hopes that it will be back to it’s normal magical experience. I’ll let you know how it goes.

mommy daughter

Anyone else attempt Ice! this year?


Cheekwood has LIGHTS (and reindeer)!


cheekwood holiday lights

In the past month we have been to Chattanooga, Memphis, Texas and are currently (this very moment) on the way to Georgia. In the midst of all the road trips we also had some of our favorite friends come spend a week with us in Nashville. It’s been so crazy here that I haven’t had much spare time to share our ridiculous adventures. So, here I am, writing in the passenger’s seat, hoping to share some of the crazy with you!

While our friends were here we hit up A LOT of Nashville holiday attractions. The one I was most excited about was Cheekwood’s Holiday LIGHTS. I don’t know how we have never been before, but going with my guests seemed like just the right time to check it out. After all, I love showing off my town to visitors!

friends and lights

We arrived not long after it opened on the “Member’s only” night. I naively assumed this would be a slow night (and maybe it was). However, I was not prepared for the crowd. We had to park pretty far away, not that I mind. I’m always excited to get more steps on my fitbit. After hiking to the entrance with strollers and diaper bags in tow, we were immediately swept up in the holiday feels… lights everywhere, carols playing, hot chocolate being served and a chill in the air. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Both toddlers were happily riding a long and taking in the lights. We strolled the sidewalks and followed the arrows that told us exactly which way to go to see all the hot spots. We packed pb&j’s and snacks to hold the kids over when they got a little hungry (worked like a charm) and mostly kept them entertained with all the pretty lights.

lights on the water

Sadly, Santa is only visiting Cheekwood on weekends, so we missed him. Also, I hate to say it, but the reindeer were a real disappointment. Maybe it’s because I was a little too excited about seeing them? Maybe it was that they were in a gated area, surrounded by a second gate? Or, maybe they just looked like really sad reindeer? Either way, it was not the magical reindeer photo op I thought it would be.


poor sad reindeer

Luna had two favorite things. One, being the giant poinsettia tree inside the mansion. I could not pull her away. She insisted on leaning against it and saying “Cheeeeeeese!” over and over and over again. She is in at least 15 other families’ photos. Her most favorite part? The train. Oh em gee….the outdoor train set at Cheekwood is so cool! The whole set is amazing. It’s all made with things found in nature. The train itself has real bells and whistles and will keep Luna’s attention FOREVER.

luna and the tree looking at trains

If you plan on checking on the LIGHTS and Holiday events  be sure to bring some cash for cookies and drinks, coats, gloves, hats and your camera! I forgot gloves for Luna and the poor baby told me “Mama, cold hands” on repeat the last ten minutes we were there. Of course, if I had remembered to bring them she never would have worn them. Oh the joys….

merry christmas

LIGHTS runs every night from 5pm-10pm (except Christmas), until January 3rd!

lights at cheekwood

What holiday lights will you be checking out this year?


Lowering My Expectations

lowering my expectations

I have a habit of creating incredibly fantastic scenarios in my head of how every future plan will unfold. I enjoy making plans, packing, writing itineraries and most of all imagining the perfect happiest family memories being made. Let me invite you into my imaginary perfect family holiday traditions for a moment….

It’s a chilly Saturday morning..we wake to a happy toddler talking and smiling in her crib. I have coffee. After a lovely, home-made enormous organic breakfast, we leave the house dressed in adorable winter attire, with perfectly coiffed hair and a flawlessly contoured face. We arrive to the tree farm, still happy, still adorable. Husband and I take turns taking photos of Luna picking out a tree. We cut it down together, laugh at our attempts to tie it to the roof of our car and end the trip with hot cocoa by the fire while listening to Christmas carols. Then, of course, I’d write a sweet little blog post about our adorable family outing. 

Sounds nice, right? Now, let’s take a stroll down real-life lane…join me?

We are out of town every single weekend. Husband is working 12 hour days. Balancing a part-time job, writing and Luna is complicated. Shit keeps happening and between bug infestations, insurance problems, oil changes and parties, I can’t find time to wash clothes. So, after work and school yesterday, Luna and I drive to Kroger to get groceries. As I leave, I notice the $30 trees on the sidewalk and realize this may be my only moment to get a tree. I let Luna help pick one out and a teenage boy helps me shove it into my car (because the back was already full of groceries and a stroller). It is raining the entire time.

Picking out our tree was not at all how I imagined it. And, getting it out of the car and carrying it up stairs was REALLY not how I imagined it. But, look at Luna’s face while we looked at trees…

picking out a tree

She is so happy. She loved the trees. She laughed at me while I tried to carry it upstairs. She yelled “uh oh Mama mess!” as it toppled over when I tried to attach the stand. She could seriously care less where the tree came from or how we got it. The only thing missing from our tree-getting trip was Husband, but he’ll be there to decorate it.

picking out a tree at Kroger

Sometimes, almost all the time, life does not turn out as I plan. Because of my super high expectations, I am often disappointed. However, as time passes, and as Luna grows, I am learning that the unexpected moments are often the most memorable. And, also that, when it comes to making precious little memories with my family the only thing that matters is them…not our perfect outfits, hair, photos, location or plans. Having each other, a sense of humor and the right attitude is really all we need.

prius with a Christmas tree


4th Annual Friend Photos

2015 annual friend photos

Well, I’m about 8 years behind on sharing life events on here, hence why I’m just now telling you about our 4th annual friend photo session that happened over a month ago. Once a year, during one of our Texas visits, my girlfriends and I get together for an annual group photo. We like to try and choose a different local (Southeast Texas local) photographers each year, and this year we went with Jacquelyn from Local Honey Photography.

Our little family Our family 2015

We started our annual photos in 2012 as a way to capture the beautiful relationships we have together, but also to start an annual event that will not only ensure that we always get together, but show how our families grow each year. Look at us 4 years ago…

2012 first annual friend photo

And we thought this was a huge group…

Now look at us, this year…

2015 annual friend photos

Now THIS is a big group.

Jacquelyn from Local Honey was AMAZING! She was so great with all of the kids, many of which were unhappy. She was quick, easy-going, great at telling us just what to do, but most impressively, she was able to do photos for all 4 families, friend photos, a large group photos and kids photos in just one hour!

my world in a photo

our sweet kids together

They are all growing way too fast!

We have been very lucky to always find photographers that do a great job and manage to make us look good and our kids look happy. It may be witchcraft, but it’s the good witch kind, like Glenda.

mommy daughter photo daddy daughter photo

This was the first year that our group photo didn’t grow in numbers. I don’t think this will last. SOMEONE is bound to have another kid, or two, in years to come. I suppose one day we will reach our max and then we will just be watching our kids grow each year… Not sure how I feel about that.

Our 2015 family photo

Nope. Not pregnant and no, I do not know if/when we will have another.

Luna Hazel

My whole heart

And to end this one, here’s some super cute candids Husband caught during the shoot.

our kids playing luna's silly face friends laughing

making kids smile

Doing our best to get all the kids to smile at the same time.

luna in the sunshine


How to do a Mud Run

how to do a mud run

Before doing the Original Mud Run, the Warrior Dash and (most recently) the Spartan Sprint, I spent a lot of time googling things like what to expect in a mud run, what to wear in a mud run, what obstacles should I expect, how to train for a mud run, and can I get a disease from the bacteria in the mud and so on and so on… To be honest, I found very few helpful articles. The tips I found were vague and/or obvious.

So, since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I have decided to write it myself! I recently completed the Spartan Sprint (which is my fav mud run so far) and after three completed mud runs I say I am now qualified to give my own list of tips. Here’s my What to Expect/Do/Wear in a Mud Run list!

Before the Spartain race

Our “before” photo. So CLEAN.

Spartan start line

Crossing the start line!

What to Wear

Wear clothes that you won’t be upset about if they get stained. Make sure they are fitted and NOT cotton. Cotton will get soaked, heavy and start stretching. I opt for dark clothes because they clean up well. Don’t wear shorts. Shorts are just asking for worse scrapes and bruises. I’ve heard of people duct taping their shoes, but mine have never ever even almost come off. I’ve also worn the same pair of old Nike’s in all three mud runs. I just toss em’ in the washer and save em’ for the next muddy race! I’ve also never worn gloves or felt the need for them.

wall climb Spartan Race

Climbing this giant wall with the teamwork.

barbed wire spartan

100 yards of army crawling under barbed wire! Ouch. BTW, crawl, don’t roll. You’ll just come out super dizzy.

Hair tips

Wear your hair back and secure it with whatever it takes. My hair is long and thick. It is near impossible to keep up while working out. During the mud runs I either braid it into a bun or wear a tight bun on top of my heat with a couple of hairbands, hairspray and a headband. This last thing I want is my hair in my face… well, truthfully, the last thing I want is mud in my eyes. I’ve tried coming up with a cute way to wear my hair, but that just doesn’t work in mud runs.

wading through water Spartan

this water was FREEZING!

rope mud climb Spartan

yeah, we totally needed help once we got to the top of this slippery climb

Stick together and stay positive

Unless you are training to place and are running in the competitor’s wave, do not give a shit about your time. These races can get crowded, you may have to wait your turn and it’s all about having fun and completing the race. We like to do these kinds of runs with our friends and we like to stick together. If someone gets tired and needs to walk, we all walk. We support one another, cheer each other, help one another through the obstacles and cross the finish line together. It’s a lot more fun that way, promise. (Plus, you all get the same medal anyways.)

we are spartans

fake guns spartan

umm, this is my tough face

What to pack

Pack clean clothes (obvi), I suggest packing loose fitting pants. I’ve learned the hard way that it is near impossible to put on leggings when your legs are never going to get completely dry. Baby wipes to clean those nooks and crannies, extra gallons of water (because sometimes the spray off area really sucks and it’s freezing), extra towels for drying off and sitting on in the car, a sheet to change behind (because often there are no changing tents), flip flops for afterwards, band-aids, snack because it is along car ride to and from (for most people), a spectator with a camera!

teamwork spartan

what friends are for, thanks for the moral support Mike!

mud pit Spartan

My face says it all. I definitely cut my butt on a sharp rock coming down. ouch

How to prepare/train

MOST people who are in this race are not in the best shape ever, but most have at least been training. It is not easy. This specific Spartan Sprint in Fort Campbell, TN was 5 miles. It had some seriously difficult obstacles (i.e. carrying a 5 gallon bucket without a handle and full of rocks up and over a giant hill, climbing a 30 foot rope without knots, dragging super heavy weighted metal sled through the mud, etc, etc). No one is going to force you to do something you simply can’t do, but your going to want to do it all. Plus, you don’t want to be unable to walk the next day.. I suggest focusing your training on running hills, long distance, push-ups, lunges, burpees and pull-ups. Upper body strength and endurance are top-priority.


mud hills spartan race

Waiting to do the first slide together.

real faces mud pit spartan

It looks like it could be fun, but lots of rocks and mud in your mouth make it not-so-fun.

Be a team player

I touched on this topic above, but it’s not just about sticking with your workout buddies. Support the other runners too. I cannot tell you how nice it is to hear people cheering each other on and cheering you on. And, even if you have teammates, you will need a stranger’s help at some point. I had people help pull me up muddy walls, help me down muddy hills, give me tips on the bouldering wall and much more. You will also want to watch the people in front of you tackle the obstacles. Learn from their mistakes and triumphs.


pulley challenge spartan

girl power!

spear throw spartan

Okay, I HAVE to brag. I got my spear to stick on the first throw! I was SHOCKED and way too excited.

What to expect

Expect to get soaked to the bone wet, get scraped up and bleed a little, get mud absolutely everywhere (think ears, eyes, underwear, etc), be cold (before and after – depending on the weather), see someone cry, be sore, have an awesome day and feel like a badass.


ring challenge Spartanrope wall climb spartan

You will not die (most likely)

You will not die. If you can’t complete an obstacle, you are told to do 30 burpees. Is someone going to watch you do them? Count them? Scold you if you skip it? No, no and no. Every mud run wants you to think it is the hardest, scariest, most challenging thing you will ever attempt, but truthfully… taking Luna to the grocery store is scarier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough, but if you are training for it, it’s totally doable. As far as getting a flesh-eating bacterial disease from the mud? Well, just don’t google any articles about it before you run… it’s still up for debate.


rope climb spartan

That’s Husband making it to the top… I”m on the right, and that’s about as high as I got.

spartan fire jump


We typically get Starbucks, a cupcake and go out for a giant lunch. We spend the night binging on movies and snacks and plan to have a lazy Sunday afterwards. What can I say? We know how to party.

spartan finish line

hose shower spartan race Everyone loves a nice cold shower, right?

If you like being active, adventurous and tackling a challenge then definitely sign up for a mud run. (Except the Orignal Mud Run…remember how disappointing that one was?) We are seriously considering signing up for the next level up Spartan race – the Spartan Super or maybe the Tough Mudder.

spartan race finishers


spartan sign wall H ave you done a mud run? Got any tips to add to the list? I’d love to hear about your experiences!



Our Many Halloween Celebrations

a positively panicked halloween

It’s November 1st, Halloween is officially over, which almost makes me sad, but then I remember it’s my Birthday Month/Thanksgiving/Black Friday and so many fun events are coming up! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though…can we first reflect on one of the best holidays in existence? The day of playing dress-up, getting free treats and watching scary movies!

tinkerbell eating

You know we did some pre-celebrating at Boo at the Zoo, but Halloween is kind of like my Birthday..it’s celebrated all month! Luna got to sport her Tinkerbell dress all over town… starting with The 12 South Farmer’s Market End of Season/Halloween Celebration. We danced with Mr. Steve (in the rain), ate grilled cheeses from the famous Grilled Cheeserie truck and stocked up on some veggies.

halloween at the farmer's market

Of course, pumpkin carving was a must. I risked cutting off every finger to carve a Mickey for Luna. She had literally zero interest in helping me or touching the pumpkin at all. BUT, she did point to it after I was done and exclaimed, “Mickey!”, so it was worth it. Plus, I roasted some delicious pumpkin seeds afterwards.

pumpkin carving with a toddler

We celebrated with friends and got our annual “kids in costumes” photo. And, yes, that Charlie Brown is the cutest thing anyone has ever seen!


toddler friends at Halloween

Luna also had her first ever school program this week! If you know Luna, you know she can be quite the dancing fool. She loves hamming it up for her friends and family and giving us quite the booty shaking performance. Before the show, her teachers warned the parents that since their class is the youngest, they do not force them to go on stage or wear their costumes if they don’t want to do it. They don’t want to freak the kids out and make them unhappy. When it all began, Luna paraded in wearing her costume, like a big girl, got on stage and looked so ready to perform. However, once she realized there was a room full of strangers staring at her, she froze. She stood, center stage, with this look on her face for the entire 3 and half minute performance.

baby's first program

I guess she’s not quite ready for the limelight.

This weekend, we took a road-trip to Chattanooga with some of our best friends. We mostly ate and relaxed, but we got out and enjoyed the cool fall weather with our Halloween girl too.

halloween at coolidge park

Playing at Coolidge Park

halloween on the carousel

friends on Halloween

Good times with good people

We may not have done any actual trick-or-treating, but I still got us together for a themed costume!

Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and Tinkerbell costumes

Peter Pan Wendy and Tinkerbell

I’m already brainstorming for next year’s costumes! What did you do this year? I’d love to see everyone’s costumes!


*I just want to add that I ordered Luna’s Tinkerbell dress from an Etsy shop called All-Inclusive Designs. It fits size 2T-5T, it’s comfy, easy to wash and great quality. It was only $25 and so much better than anything I could find in a store. Plus, I know she’ll be able to play dress-up with it for years. This is not sponsored, I just seriously love this costume and would love to spread the word because it sucks to waste money on cheap costumes that don’t even make it through one holiday. So check out her shop and her Facebook page!

Boo! (at the Zoo!)

Nashville Boo at the Zoo

If you haven’t realized it, we are a bit obsessed with the Nashville Zoo. Luna and I attend just about every event they offer throughout the year. Our zoo rocks. So, clearly, we wouldn’t miss this year’s Boo at the Zoo (formerly known as the “Ghouls at Grassmere”).

Somehow, we have the CRAZIEST jam-packed schedule this fall/winter and we only had one day to make it to one of our fav Halloween festivities…luckily, that “one day” just happened to be opening night. Unluckily..Luna had a cold and a couple of teeth coming in. She wasn’t exactly her normal happy-go-lucky self, but she managed to enjoy herself.

Right after entering the gates we were greeted with Disney Princesses and the Nashville Zoo’s famous giraffe mascot. Luna, being her grumpy little self, wanted nothing to do with them so we opted for a red-carpet Mommy/Daughter photo shoot. (Which is basically the same as taking a photo with a Disney Princess, amiright?)

mommy daughter red carpet

Our first stop was the Story Tail Treat Trail. We “trick-or-treated” around dozens of animal exhibits and Peter and I, eh hmm, I mean Luna, got lots and lots of yummy treats. Most of the animals are in for the night during the festivities, but we got some up close and personal looks at a kangaroo, a tortoise and a bearded lizard.

nashville zoo, trick or treat

I was SO excited to see the moon photo-spot was back this year! Last year, I just had to take a photo with Luna (for obvious reasons), and this year was no different. Now, the Nashville Zoo, just has to promise me to always and forever keep this photo-spot available during the Boo at the Zoo. Luna and I need to re-create this photo every year, at least until she graduates high school.

2014 vs 2015

Luna’s favorite spot was the Fall Festival Field. There’s lots of carnival games, treats, a maze, a hayride, etc… BUT the highlight of the entire night was the corn box.

corn box nashville zoo

Luna really REALLY did not want to leave the corn box. The fit that ensued when we had to leave was cause for alarm. Husband and I considered leaving her and coming back for her the next morning. I’m sure the corn is a comfy place to sleep, plus the zoo keepers already have to deal with wild animals. Same same.

My favorite part of the night was the carousel, or shall I say the “SCAREousel”. I let Luna choose her animal (kangaroo) and we had a magical ride together.

the zoo carousel

boo at the zoo carousel luna on the carousel blue eyes sunset carousel mommy daughter carousel kisses

Tomorrow and Friday are the final two nights of this years Boo at the Zoo! Nashville friends, you don’t want to miss this. Dress your kids up, head over and enjoy the evening!

Happy Haunting! Three more days till’ Halloween!


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