Star Struck for the First Time

Husband’s Grandparents have been in town visiting with us all week. Unfortunately, I had to work everyday so I did not get to spend near as much time with them as I would like, but I did enjoy the little time I got to visit. Most days I just had time to join them for dinner. By the end of the week we started playing a new out-to-dinner game.

We realized we were spending more time checking our phones than we were speaking to each other so we played a little game that has been trending online. The rules are simple: You stack all the phones on each other, and placed them in the middle of the table. The person who picks up their phone first pays for dinner.

We added a rule: “If no one picks up their phone Dad-in-law pays for dinner”.

Yesterday, I had enough time to meet them for a show on Broadway. We saw the new show Grace starring Paul Rudd and Ed Asner! I LOVE both of these actors and could not wait to see them in person. The show was great! There were only four actors, all very talented.

I went in knowing nothing about the play, and was very surprised when it started with every single character dying in literally the first five seconds. Needless to say, it was a very depressing story. I still enjoyed it, but I can’t shake some of the saddest scenes from my mind.

On the bright side, I got to meet the actors after the show! Woo! AND, for the very first time I felt star struck! I have been in love with Paul Rudd since he played Mike Hannigan (AKA Crap Bag) on FRIENDS.

Paul Rudd!!!!!
Ed Asner!!!

It’s always a little exciting to meet a celebrity, but I couldn’t even form sentences when meeting Paul Rudd. I got all flustered and shy and said something like “uh…Paul…um…picture…oh…thanks…um….you’re so great!” He was very nice and seemed happy to take pictures with absolutely anyone before speeding off in his getaway car.

Then, because I am the luckiest girl, I got to go see Once today! Once is the new #1 show on Broadway. It won the most Tony’s last year and I have been dying to see it since I saw the commercial over a year ago. The music is incredible. Watching the show was more like watching a really cool concert in your favorite dive-bar. The set is a bar and before the show, and during intermission, everyone is allowed on stage to order drinks.

It turned out to be sad too, but was like watching Full House compared to watching Grace. You can watch a few of the highlights below.

Now, the Grandparents have returned home safely, and we are left to fend for ourselves as Hurricane Sandy approaches. Looking forward to a stormy day inside with lots of junk food, movies, books, and wine!


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  1. I love Ed Asner and he looks great! Stay safe you guys. We decided to stay in florida instead of flying home to Pittsburgh during the hurricane. Put those 2 guys to work so they stop pacing.

    1. Me too, I loved him in Mary Tyler Moore. Hope you get back to FL safely. And, I’m doing my best, but it’s impossible to keep those two out of trouble!

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