A Quick Escape

We have recently returned from a very quick and very relaxing trip to the Gulf of Mexico… Panama City, to be exact. We took a “friend getaway” to give summer a proper send off, and that kind of send off is really only appropriate at the beach. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Florida beach and holy moly, I had completely forgotten how gorgeous Florida beaches are!


White sand, turquoise water that’s clear to the bottom…doesn’t get any better. The weather was perfect. It was breezy and a little cool in the morning and evening. The kind of weather that requires a comfy sweatshirt, a cup of coffee and long walks on the beach. Basically, my idea of a perfect morning/evening.

Luna on the dock

During the day it was sunny and warm. It was just warm enough to swim, but not so hot you want to die. We jammed to some classic 90’s hits while Luna threw sand all over us. We went swimming in the clear water and spotted fish (or “shoes” as Luna calls them), crabs, stingrays and jelly fish.



fall starbucks cup

I’d never used a selfie stick until this trip and I’m kind of ashamed to say that I loved it. It was so much fun to play with and take pictures that captured all of us and the background. I know I’m like a year behind, but what can I say? I’m a 30-year old Mom, it happens.

where my beaches at
Because we love our Victoria Secret tanks.

I was really dreading our drive to and from Florida, and kind of doubted it would be worth the short trip, but I am so thankful we went. It was just the kind of relaxing getaway we all needed.

luna on the beach

We played games, watched movies and trash TV, we talked, rented scooters, cooked dinner and just spent quality time together. Husband and Derek even did the #OneMileChallenge on one of our walks, and I did a second one.

uncle derek and luna
Luna and Uncle Derek, or Uncle “Dick” as Luna says.

We hangout with our friends all the time, but it’s a completely different experience when you travel and stay with friends. Serious bonding happens. We are really lucky to have friends that want to spend that kind of time not only with us, but with Luna.

friends are family

I just love seeing them love our baby. They are our family too.

mom and luna on the beach

If you have an opportunity for a quick getaway with friends, take it! I felt completely recharged for the upcoming week. (Thank God, because it’s already been a heck of a week.)


Saltwater, good conversation and sunsets like this will make anyone feel at peace with the world..

Happy Humpy Day!


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