Flying on the Zoo’s New Eagle

the nashville zoo's soaring eagle

Have I ever mentioned how much I love living in Nashville?  I have said it to so many people, so many times, but this city has it all. Sure, I miss Texas, New York, Florida and even Albania, but no other city compares to Nashville (and it’s surrounding suburbs).  I’m always looking for new adventures in this town full of excitement and luckily I’ve made friends with people who actually invite me to come try some of Nashville’s newest thrills. Last week, I got invited to try the Nashville Zoo’s newest ride: The Soaring Eagle. It’s a zip-line that’s family friendly, goes two ways and is a really special experience.

zipline selfie
Soaring Eagle selfie!

I’m no stranger to zip-lines. We’ve zipped through the islands of Okinawa, the rain forests of Costa Rica, the towers in Franklin’s Adventure Tower and the ski slopes of Nemacolin. I thoroughly enjoy zipping quickly through and over the beautiful landscapes. There’s really nothing like it, and even though the zip-lines are always similar, the views and experiences are all unique. However, the Soaring Eagle ride is not like other zip-lines. I have never done a zip-line quite like the one at our local zoo.

soaring eagle view

First of all, it seats two people. That’s right…seats. You actually get to sit in a chair with a seat-belt like buckle with someone else. The two of you are then quickly carried backwards and up to the top of the line (110 feet in the air). After a brief pause to take in the views (the Nashville skyline, the zoo’s African Savannah, the festival field and much more), you will be released to soar back down at a 28 mph speed! It’s exhilarating, but not enough to be too scary for kids. In fact. we saw a 5 year-old girl riding with the biggest smile on her face. The scariest part is at the end when it appears you are going to have a hard landing. (You’re not BTW.)

Bella and I were lucky enough to try out the Soaring Eagle together, but Husband had to work and is dying to try it himself. Maybe next weekend during their Eggstravaganzoo?  Unfortunately, Luna isn’t tall enough to ride yet, but as soon as she reaches 42 inches, I’m certain she’ll be itching to ride. Although, who knows what new attractions the zoo will have by then…they just keep growing and growing and growing and growing. Stay tuned because we will be there for their giant egg hunt next Saturday and the grand opening of the  new entrance on April 9th.

What adventures have you been on lately?


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