What time is it? Summer time!

summer time summaryWhat time is it? Summer time! It’s our vacation!

Do you ever make grand plans and then fail miserably at following through with said plans? That’s kind of how my blog has gone as of late. Whoopsy! Its been like dieting…Monday is a new week! Starting Monday, I’ll blog every day! Okay, I missed one day, but tomorrow Ill wake up at 5am and get it done. Well, I accidentally stayed up until 2am, but tomorrow I will for sure get everything done! And so on and so on… But, guess what?! We are officially on vacation this week, which means I have another chance to start fresh! In case you didn’t know, going on a vacation is just like pressing a “reset” button. Your healthy lifestyle, organizing, work habits and sleep routines all get a fresh start when vacation ends.

However, while I’m on vacation I actually have quite a bit of free time (AKA everyone else wants to play with Luna). So, let’s get a quick summary of our summer adventures thus far (which has been mostly captured on Instagram  @positivelypanicked and Snapchat – positivepanic).

We have been super busy traveling and going all over town, keeping ourselves wildly entertained, because that’s what we like best. In fact, the day Luna finished school we packed up the car and drove to Pittsburgh to visit family.

A week or so later, we packed up the car again for an even longer road trip to Texas. In the Lone Star state we saw our family, celebrated Memorial Day, had a crawfish boil and even went to a water park.

Last week, we took a road trip to Santa Claus, Indiana for our annual trip to Holiday World and Splashin’ Sarfar (the strangest amusement park you ever did see). Luna was finally able to enjoy some of the rides this time around.

holiday world
Holiday World!

This week, marks our fourth road trip of the season. We just drove to Hilton Head Island for our annual family beach vacation (AKA the happiest week of the year).

Between all the road trippin’ were a few zoo trips, both for kids and adults

trying to steal a sip
“Please! Just one little sip!”

We’ve been strawberry, blueberry and blackberry picking at our favorite farm, Wagner Berry Farm.

We’ve attended and hosted some phenomenal playdates and parties. Seriously, how did I find such fun Mom friends??

We’ve canoed, attended the gay pride parade, went to a Sound’s baseball game, shopped the farmer’s markets, saw Seth MacFarlane at the Symphony, ran a 5k and even tried a few new restaurants.

Not a bad summer so far, not at all. The best part is, we are only halfway through the summer!

The one thing I hope you take away from our busy summer, is that adventure is EVERYWHERE. Take a road trip, visit your local festivals, hike your parks, sign up for local events, use Groupon, find a group that gets you and make the most of your summers! Adventure is what life is all about, and summer is most adventurous season of them all!


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