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our beach traditions

If you follow me on ANY social media platform then you know (and are probably sick of seeing my posts) that we were on vacation a couple of weeks ago. Every summer, my family (my in-laws and extended family to be exact), takes a week-long trip to Hilton Head Island. I’m pretty sure they’ve been taking this trip for the past 582 years…give or take a few. I’ve been ten times now, and honestly, consider it one of the best weeks of the year. It’s a week full of relaxation, sun, sand, saltwater, bike rides, yummy foods, so much coffee and reading. I can’t think of a better way to relax. It’s also a week full of tradition, mostly really fun traditions, and a couple not-so-fun (cough…horribly hot long bike ride to some old ruins.. cough cough).

Tradition numero uno…bike rides!!! We hop on bikes in large packs and take advantage of the gorgeous bike trails all over the island. Every morning we head to Starbucks for our yuppy fix of caffeine and the NY Times. Out of everyone, I got the best workout possible on my bike, thanks to the heavy load I carried behind my bike on every ride.  Evenings usually consists of a ride to Coligny Plaza for some Rita’s Italian Ice. And, this year, we spent quite a few extra miles hunting for Pokemon. Before you ask…yes, it’s as fun as everyone is making it out to be. Got catch em all!

bike ride with toddler
When will this chick be able to peddle herself??
rita's date
Mommy-daughter Rita’s date!

Between long bike rides and long days in the sun, nap time has also become a treasured tradition. Who doesn’t love a group nap?


This next one is a new tradition. Last year, we started a “champagne sunrise” tradition. If you are ever at the beach I HIGHLY recommend this tradition. Champagne + sunrise + beach + coffee = BEST morning ever.

champagne sunrise
#nofilter #seriously

champagne sunrise girls

We spend most nights playing family games. Over the years we’ve played many rounds of charades and Scattergories, but we mix it up with some unique games too, like Murder and SpyFall.  This year, we really mixed things up with a few games of Watch Ya Mouth! OMG, I hope you were following me on Snapchat (positivepanic) when this went down!

puzzle time
Did I mention we do puzzles? We’re a wild bunch.
watch ya mouth game
Watch ya mouth!

Over the years, we’ve spent several vacation nights dressing up and taking lots of pretty perfectly sunlit beach photos. The older we’ve got, the less we’ve continued this tradition. This year, we got dressed up one night. I like only “getting ready” one night out of the week. The beach is meant to be make-up free and to have beachy hair.

dress up now
Dressed up cousins for a beautiful dinner on the water.

We took some non-dressy pics on the beach too. This one is a particular favorite of mine. Zoey caught a non-posed kissed between me and Peter while Luna ran around naked in front of us. Perfect.
beach kiss

Speaking of “naked Luna”, that’s another one of my favorite beach traditions. At what point is she too old for this?

baby beach butt

ANNDDDDDD, the photo you’ve all been waiting for….the annual family group photo! (Last year’s was in a shower) This year was Marimekko themed. Our family is Marimekko crazy, so when Target had a Marimekko sale last month, my Mom-in-law bought literally everything, with the beach photo in mind. (Mom-in-law and the most awesome Marimekko beach towels are absent from the photo…thanks a lot random guy on the beach that was nice enough to take our photo, but not quite skilled enough to get a decent photo).

annual group photo

What are some of your beach or summer traditions? Let me know in the comments, we are always looking for more fun traditions to incorporate!


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  1. A sea turtle experience, my dear!! A fantastic tradition! ☺️ Love the champagne sunrise!! I need to find a way to incorporate that into turtle walks!!

  2. We have DVC points and they have a resort in Hilton Head and we have always wondered if it would be a fun spot to relax. After reading this is looks like it is worth a visit.

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      Yes, it is a blast! We love Disney and have checked out there HH resort, just for fun. It looks really nice! PS, love your blog!!!!

  3. […] During our Hilton Head Island vacation, a few of us girls decided it would be fun to rent paddle boards for a day. I have never even touched a paddle board, but it looked like fun and is something I always wanted to try. And, really…how hard can it be? […]

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