Christmas in the Bayou

  Happy post-holidays friends! We are currently driving home from Texas to Tennessee…Luna is snoozing (Christmas miracle!), Husband is driving and the dog is actually sitting in the backseat, so I’m going to take advantage of this time kinda-to-myself and sleep. BAHAHAHAH Just kidding! Mom’s never sleep. Am I right? No, I’m going to take […]

My New Favorite Rainy Day Playdate

While my friends from Texas were visiting we spent the majority of our time finding cool local activities that not only entertained, us but also entertained our toddlers. There seem to be unlimited outdoor activities and locations that keep both adults and kids’ attentions alike. The struggle was when the weather was too cold or […]

Our Many Halloween Celebrations

It’s November 1st, Halloween is officially over, which almost makes me sad, but then I remember it’s my Birthday Month/Thanksgiving/Black Friday and so many fun events are coming up! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though…can we first reflect on one of the best holidays in existence? The day of playing dress-up, getting free treats […]

We’re Not Marching

Every once in a while I hear or see something that strikes a chord and lies heavy on my heart. Sometimes it’s a song or TV show, other times it’s a dream or a conversation with a friend. This time, it’s a story I read online and I just can’t shake it. Glennon from Momastery shared this […]