Belle's Birthday

Yesterday was Belle’s 8th Birthday! I can’t believe I’ve had her for 8 years, or that she’s 56 in dog years. She’s still super energetic and drives us just as crazy as she did 8 years ago. We were too busy having a lazy day yesterday to celebrate so we had a “Belle Day” today […]

Feeling Funky

Okay, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted because I have been in such a funk. I am lonely because Husband is still in Nashville. Work has been busy and fun, which just depresses me. I have come home and cried often this week because I cannot believe I won’t see most of […]

Monday Funday

You probably know now that my weekends consist of Sunday and Monday. I actually had to go to work both Sunday and today (only for a couple of hours), but that didn’t ruin my weekend. Husband has been out-of-town, as well as sister-in-law, so I decided to use the weekend for some much needed relaxation, […]

Snow Day

Last week was an intensely cold week. NYC stayed below freezing ALL week. I wanted to stay inside wrapped in blankets all day every day, but sadly I am a dedicated employee and forced myself out of the covers to walk to work each day. Husband was working out of town for a few days, […]

Off The Leash

I am getting better and better at this whole “waking up early” thing people keep talking about. My weekend this week consists of Monday and Tuesday (Happy Rush Hashanah!), and I have actually got out of bed at 6:30am BOTH mornings. For anyone keeping track I’ve done that 3 times in the last week. None […]

Post by the Pup

Belle again! Mom has visitors this week, and is just in over her head with having fun while working and juggling wedding plans, so once again, it’s Belle to the rescue. I really don’t know what my Mom would do without me. For example, how would she waste all her free time without having me […]

No Dogs Allowed

A short story by Belle the dog. So, my Mom and Dad often take me shopping. I think this is mostly because I need a walk, and they need to shop. So they try and kill two birds with one stone. Amazingly, dogs are allowed in basically every store that does not sell food in […]

Belle’s Back!

Mom’s tired and stressed tonight, and says the blog will only get done if I write it. She’s thrown herself across the couch, leaving room for no one, and has stolen my favorite blanket that she claims belongs to her. She is now glued to the T.V. and crying at sappy commercials as she waits […]