EPCOT for Tots

epcot ball

In case you haven’t heard, we are a bit crazy when it comes to Disney… It’s our second home and we do not play around when it comes to visiting the Disney parks. Even if we are only there for two days, we typically hit all four parks (Yes, even with Luna). There’s been a […]

Hamilton: A Work of Art

hamilton cast

Husband and I are both big theater fans, like really big. We have been fortunate enough to see numerous Broadway and off-Broadway shows, so many that we’ve lost count. It’s no surprise that when Hamilton: An American Musical first started picking up speed, it caught our attention. I remember asking Husband, what this Hamilton play was […]

Christmas in the Bayou

  Happy post-holidays friends! We are currently driving home from Texas to Tennessee…Luna is snoozing (Christmas miracle!), Husband is driving and the dog is actually sitting in the backseat, so I’m going to take advantage of this time kinda-to-myself and sleep. BAHAHAHAH Just kidding! Mom’s never sleep. Am I right? No, I’m going to take […]