Vacation Mode

Well, I meant to get a whole week of blogs in order before going on vacation, but I didn’t. Woops. We are officially on vacation for a week and I will try to update you on our latest adventures and positively panicked life, but I won’t be back to a regular schedule until next week. […]

Swings For Grown-Ups

Not the dirty kind…. Last weekend, Zoey, Husband and I went to the Park Avenue Armory to see Ann Hamilton’s latest installation “The Event of a Thread”. We stupidly went the last weekend of the exhibit and had to wait in line for almost two hours, but it was very much worth the wait. The […]

A Little Too Much Fun

When we first got to our rental beach house in Hilton Head, SC we thought “Holy Crap this place is enormous!”. We ran from room to room to room to room. The place has 8 bathrooms! After checking out all of the rooms and opening every drawer in the kitchen, we went outside to check […]


When Husband forced me to see the Flights of Wonder bird show at Animal Kingdom, there was a character in the performance that claimed to have F.O.B. (Fear Of Birds). I immediately connected with this character. I love animals. I even like birds. In fact, I had a pet bird when I was little. It […]

Luck of the Irish

Customarily, I am a VERY festive person. I have been know to wear heart stamped leggings on Valentines, detailed costumes every Halloween, Bunny ears on Easter, wear red and green and tinsel the entire month of December, and eat Mexican food the whole week of Cinco De Mayo. So, it should come as no surprise […]