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  • Mom in the City

    Alright, I may not be in New York anymore, but I’m not quite finished with my NY blogs. Also, I’m having a little trouble with writing Nashville posts at the moment… all I can manage to discuss is how difficult it is to unpack without furniture, how best to organize a closet and how often […]

  • Friends
  • Lost Adventures

    I was scrolling through iPhoto recently and came across the album from when my friends visited back in December. While looking through and reminiscing I realized I hardly blogged about any of our adventures that week.  I don’t know how I left some of them, and their corresponding stories, off the blog. It may be […]

  • The Big Apple
  • Unique New York

    I recently wrote about taking Cousin around New York and opening my eyes and my mind in order to continue to enjoy the tourists’ spots around the city. I wrote about enjoying some of the places I’d seen a dozen times, and I’d already tired of visiting. I did not, however; get a chance to […]

  • Day to Day
  • DIY Skull T-Shirt

    I do not typically love fashion pieces with skulls, but every so often a special piece catches my eye, and I immediately need it in my collection. For example, this top from Urban Outfitters… …it was love at first sight. I spotted this on Facebook one day and decided I HAD TO HAVE IT. It probably […]

  • The Big Apple
  • Perfect Last Day

    My parent’s last day in NYC* was sunny and warm, and Central Park was definitely calling our names. We picked up bagels at the famous H&H and ate them in front of the reservoir as we watched the classic sailboats float by, being steered by clumsy preschoolers. We also watched a few middle-aged men drive […]