Mom Upcycles Giveaway Winner

How could anyone forget my friend Stacey and her lovely post she shared with us last Friday? She’s the stay-at-home Mom who manages her blog (Mom Upcycles) and runs a fantastic Etsy store. Stacey was not only nice enough to share a bit of inspiration with us, but she also hosted a giveaway here at […]

DIY Painted Fabric Chair

I have another exciting Pinterest project to share! Yup, I’m getting craftier by the minute. Pinterest has got to be the greatest creation ever. After moving back to Tennessee our Grandmother gave us a few vintage furniture pieces, one of them being a wingback chair and ottoman. It’s nice, but not exactly the color scheme […]

Crafting in the City

Want to know best part of planning a party? The shopping. That’s right, if you plan a party you get to shop, guilt-free. After all, its not for you, its for the party! My favorite places to buy my party decorations for my sister’s shower were Amazon, Oriental Trading, and Etsy. Beware though…online shopping is […]

A Shower Themed Shower

I offered to throw my sister a baby shower the second she announced her pregnancy. I love her. I love babies. I love parties. I love planning. I love being in control. This seemed like an obvious decision. The one problem is I have never planned any type of shower, but with the invention of […]

Summer Lovin’

It’s official, there is one week left of summer break. My full time hours start the day after Labor Day which means I need to squeeze in as many fun-in-the-sun activities as possible into the next seven days. It also means that I have a ton of little jobs to get done, but of course […]

DIY Skull T-Shirt

I do not typically love fashion pieces with skulls, but every so often a special piece catches my eye, and I immediately need it in my collection. For example, this top from Urban Outfitters… …it was love at first sight. I spotted this on Facebook one day and decided I HAD TO HAVE IT. It probably […]