White Coat Syndrome

This is an actual section of FAO Shwartz...I get nauseous every time I walk past it.

Today is Friday…Woo! I only work a half-day on Friday…Woohoo! (Before you start calling me names I should probably remind you that I work Saturdays.) I LOVE getting off at 12:30, eating lunch with Fiance and Belle, and then going shopping, shopping, shopping!

After lunch, Zoey, Fiance, and I headed to Soho for a sample sale from the designer Misha Nicole. They had some nice pieces, but the ones I liked the most were either not in my size, or way out of my price range. Still, it’s always fun to shop for beautiful clothes and jewelry. We continued our shopping at Uniqlo and H&M.

My shopping spree was cut short because I actually had made an appointment for laser hair removal. I was pretty nervous because this was my first experience with laser hair removal, but I just could not pass up the 89% off deal on lifebooker.com! (It’s like Groupon.) Plus, I know several people who have tried it, and said it works. I’m sure it will work and be worth it, but I was really nervous about the pain.

Well, my appointment at “Aesthetic Haven” was located in Midtown in a two-room suite with one woman who worked the front desk, and the laser…no joke. The walls were white, the desk was white, the chairs were white, the table was white, and she was of course wearing a white DOCTOR’s coat…white, white, white! Can you imagine it? If you can’t, just imagine a very sterile scary doctor’s office.

(Once, I tried explaining to a new doctor that my pulse was through the roof because I get VERY nervous in doctors’ offices. He laughed and said I had a case of “white coat syndrome.” At the time, I was really irritated that he was laughing, because it was definitely not a funny situation, but I get it now. I really do have white coat syndrome, and today proved it. I may just have “all white syndrome”, it’s a creepy color. It’s not even a color. It’s just too clean!)

Before I even entered the “laser room” I was already sweating through both my shirts. Rationally, I know this woman is not a doctor, but seeing her in her lab coat sure made me feel like I was about to have my vitals taken. It took every bit of me to not look at my phone and say “Oh no! Someone I love was just in an accident! I have to leave right this second!”, and then run out the door. I actually kept my phone in my hands the entire time, just in case.

The one-woman-show was very friendly and sounded similar to a yoga instructor. She assured me that I’d survive and be happy to have done this. I smiled politely and pretended to believe her. I lay on the table waiting for panic to strike, when something instantly took all the fear away…

Pain. That lazer hurts! I was so focused on not hitting her that I didn’t even have time to think about being nervous. The only thing I could think was “Why do women put themselves through this…we actually pay people to hurt us!”

After I paid the Imitation Doctor, I met up with Fiance and informed him that I deserved a treat for everything I’d been through.

We went to 5th Avenue. We bought Starbucks. We got chocolate at Godiva. We shopped for some presents I needed to get. Then, shopped for his wedding band. I guess it all ended well. I can’t say if it’s worth it though… I actually have 5 more treatments before it’s all said and done. I’ll report back in a few months and let you know if I survived.

H&M has the most adorable baby clothes! Can you believe this is sized for a 2 month old?!?
My "nephew" Lain's 2nd Birthday present.
When we were ring shopping we were given free drinks and desserts... I love shopping.


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  1. I always wanted to do laser treatment too! Glad to hear you survived… BTW..Lain’s gift looks adorable 🙂

  2. Yeah, I don’t know if I good do the laser thing……not for that pain:)

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