Thank You Chocolate

And thank you Max Brenner!

Some days I feel super proud of myself. I am such a grown up. I work 40 hours a week, live in NYC, have traveled to several parts of the world, have two college degrees, and manage to raise an almost well-adjusted dog.

Today is not one of those days. (College does not teach how to not act like a baby.)

Today I feel very jealous and maybe a little childish…maybe. With Fiance and Zoey not working they get to have fun all day long. While I am at work I picture them sleeping till’ noon, waking up in their jammies, eating bon bons, shopping, eating fancy dinners, and then talking about how unfortunate I am and laughing.

I have to admit that I am relieved when I rush home for lunch and throw the door open to catch them mocking me and find Fiance sitting in his boxers watching the View…. I’d actually prefer to be at work than watch the View.

Today, though, they actually did go out and shop and eat all day. So I sulked through work and bought myself an extra Starbucks to perk up.

I was brooding all the way home. I put in my headphones and jammed to Beyonce’s “We Run the World.” It’s my go-to song anytime I am trying pump myself for anything. Well much to my surprise, we had visitors when I came home! Fiance and Zoey’s cousin is in town with his girlfriend. AND, they were waiting on me to go out to dinner! This so rarely happens.

Awww, aren’t they sometimes sweet?

I had to take my time getting dressed for dinner. (Because I was really hiding in the bedroom so I could stop being jealous and bitter, or at least practice hiding my jealous/bitter face.)

We went out and had a great time. We took our visiors to Vesleka, a Ukranian restuaraut from 1954 by Ukranian refugees from WWII. They produce over 3,000 pierogis daily by hand! And, it’s still a family owned business. We ate pierogis, matzah ball soup, and latkes. After dinner, we went the to the Strand.

The Strand is a super cool book store near Union Square. It advertises that it has over 18 miles of books. It’s also known for having the most rare books in the city, which is basically the most rare books in the world.  I ended up buying two books, Judy Blume’s Forever… (It’s a ‘school banned’ book), and  5th Avnenue 5 A.M. (because I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn). Every time I go to a book store I pick up about 15 books, then spend a half hour looking through and debating which ones have the most interesting covers, and then putting at least 13 of them back.

Our last stop was dessert at Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man. OMG, this place is chocolate heaven. Here are the desserts we got… a shake, a lemonade slushy with mint, Chocolate Pizza with melted milk and white chocolate meteors and an ice cream snow ball (optional: melting campfire marshmallows), Tutti Frutti Waffles red berries citrus salad, milk chocolate ganache, vanilla crumbled ice cream, and waffle fries with cocoa and chili powder. Obviously, I ordered the fries for dessert.

WE had to wait A LONG time for our food; so to entertain ourselves we drew new versions of “the bald man” on our napkins. We had a great time, and I loved getting to know the cousin’s girlfriend.

Can you guess who drew what?

Lots of chocolate makes me pretty happy, so I can now forgive Zoey and Fiance for having fun without me today.

Nighty Night.

8 Replies to “Thank You Chocolate”

  1. Don’t worry,’re human (as am I) and jealousy is just one of those annoying feelings we all experience…blah! BTW…my mom bought Forever for me when I was 18..LOVED THAT BOOK!!! Unfortunately I lost my copy to it and you have inspired me to get a new one 🙂 And I remember the best hot chocolate I ever had from the Bald Man..must go there again when we visit. Glad to hear your day got better!

    1. Oh that’s good to hear (about the book)! They have a section at this bookstore called “Banned Books” and it has tons of books that have been banned from certain schools… which just makes me want to read them! Some are SO ridiculous (like Harry Potter, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Huck Finn, etc). I can’t wait to read Forever!

      1. That’s kind of funny that it’s banned. My mom gave it to me when I started getting really serious with Scott (read it and you will see) She was really worried about that for some reason. She has always liked Scott but I think she was just afraid of me getting too wrapped up and then it ending badly (you know how moms are ha ha) I am sure I will be like that one day too if I have a girl. oh and I loathe “The View” as well!

  2. I hate The View. Actually all daytime tv, but mostly The View.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the view. And if it makes you feel any better, your dad & I have been working our buns off! No need for jealousy here! I’m so proud of my hard -working responsible “girl”.

  4. Well, I like to view. The drama is entertaining lol. Of course, I never watch it unless I’m home bc I too work :). I love Ellen though…a lot more….her shows are fantastic.

    And I need to go to that place. Chocolate is my weakness..craving some now actually…

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