Every Monday…

I ask myself Why? Why?? Why??? WHY do I still watch The Bachelor?!?!?! I know, believe me I know, this show is dramatic, mindless, and just ridiculous television, but maybe that’s what I like about it.

This season in particular I do not like the bachelor himself, I do not really care for any of the girls, I don’t see any real connections… yet hear I am , 10 weeks in, watching these crazy women scream at each other about screaming at each other. The funniest part is that Fiance is sitting next to me because he too is 10 weeks in…

Every week Fiance says he does not want to watch, yet every week he sits next to me and asks “How can they all be so dumb!?” and “Why doesn’t that guy ever say anything?!” We, then have our continuing conversation about what would happen if I was on the Bachelor. I’m pretty sure that I’d win. I mean I’m very competitive, and it would definitely be a competition for me.”I’m not here to make friends!”

Fiance says that I’d be the girl everyone hates… I don’t care though, as long I get that final rose. I’ve tried to convince Fiance to be the bachelor, and I’ll be one of the girls. But he won’t go for it.

While watching the Bachelor, I do like that I can sit hear, use my laptop to pin items on pinterest, pick up the clothes I left all over the floor this morning, eat dinner, and organize my purse. That’s why I enjoy the mindless TV shows I am now addicted to. I do not actually have to watch them. I can just listen every few minutes, look up once in a while, and still be able to have a full conversation about how crazy and mean Courtney is at work the next day.

Ben’s, the bachelor’s, final choice comes as no surprise. At this point, we all know that he is just as crazy as his new fiancé. I am relieved it’s finally over because now I will not have to skip the last half of Zumba to run home and find out who gets the date card. However, I am really going to miss waking up to watch Kelly Ripa reenact scenes from the show with her guest host.

Side note: Next season, Fiance and I have deceided to turn the Bachelor into a drinking game. So evertime someone says “vulnerable” or “guard up” we’ll just take a shot. (I’m pretty sure that just “vulnerable” was used 52 times in the last episode.)

To bring this blog post to an end I just have one question:

Will you accept this rose?

Wait….WHAT?!?! A commercial for Dancing with the Stars just informed me that it premiers next Monday. Damn it. I guess I’ll never get to finish a Monday Zumba class…

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  1. I don’t ever watch the bachelor type shows or dancing with the stars however my guilty pleasure is far more worst! Teen Mom (the original girls from the 1st season) and some of the reality shows on VH1. I was a big Rock of Love fan, Tool Academy and Tough Love. I can’t help it..they are all train wrecks ha ha! And Scott watches it with me too and we also do commentary on it. It’s embarrassing to admit we watch these shows but we do watch Jeopardy every day and we like to say that balances out the stupidity of the trashy programming we watch lol!

  2. Danica, I watch Teem Mom too 🙂

    Hil, I know. You seriously couldn’t have said it all better than me. I’m with you. I didn’t like Ben and it was boring season. If Courtney wasn’t on, it really would have been boring lol. Have to say, I’m excited about Bachelorette with Emily 🙂

    1. Natalie that is so funny! I used to dvr it when the episodes came on later at night so Scott wouldn’t catch me watching it (I was that embarrassed) and one time he saw it on the list and asked me what it was so now he knows about it..ha ha! I really hope they do another season with the original girls..I see that Amber has been in the news often…all these girls make me thankful I was not like that as a teen!

  3. HAHAHA! I’m smiling reading this thinking about all the dumb shows I watched with you girls over the years. We very rarely missed Miss America Pageants, etc. . Oh, and this morning Kelly Rippa had men compete for Co-Host like they were on the Bachelorette. I thought of You and him watching it. Love all your blogs!! xoxo

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