Spring Fever

This week has been AMAZINGLY warm here in the city. It is sunny and beautiful, and thanks to “spring break” I actually get to go outside and enjoy some of these lovely days. My place of employment doesn’t technically have a “spring break”, but the majority of the students who attend classes there do have spring break (for two weeks!).

Half of all the classes are canceled this week and next, which means my paycheck is also cut in half. I try to forget that by enjoying my extremely long breaks as best as I can. Everyone at work seems to be on the same page. If anyone walks past my building at any time this week they are very likely to find coaches laying in the sun rays coming through the giant windows, drinking coffee outside on the sunny steps, or sleeping under a table in the break room. My boss is in such a good mood I didn’t even get reprimanded for wearing shorts today.

Belle and I have had some very long walks around the city and through Central Park. The flowers are starting to bloom, the spring lines are advertised in every store window, and for the first time in MONTHS I can go for a walk without a coat, scarf, gloves, and hat on. Yay me!

I even had time to head downtown with Zoey and check out a new store called “The Hoodie Shop”. This is a weird little shop that sales nothing but hoodies, or things with hoods. They have new hoodies, vintage hoodies, designer hoodies, ugly hoodies,  pretty hoodies, you name the hoodie they got it! It’s also supposed to be a “hangout”. They have large comfy couches, the kind everyone wants to sleep in, all over the store, and a pinball machine, but nothing else to promote hanging out.

The ladies working in the store said they hope to start selling beverages one day, but until that day comes it seems like a really boring hangout. I mean, there’s not even snacks! Minus, the weird hangout atmostphere, it’s a cool hippy-type shopping place, if you’re in the market for something with a hood that is.

Today, I spent an hour of my break relaxing in front of Starbucks with a friend from work. There were 20 other people lounging in the Starbucks outdoor seating area with us soaking up the rays. We sat and sipped our iced coffees for so long that I actually turned a little pink! In March! I am seriously loving this weather, I even wore shorts and a tank today. Nothing makes me happier than summer clothes and a very very large iced coffee.

If you ever drink Starbucks, you should really invest in a Starbucks card/Starbucks app. For every 15 drinks you buy you get a free coffe (any style, any size), AND free add-ins. FREE! So, everytime my “free drink coupon” comes in the mail, which is basically weekly, I make sure to get the largest most expensive coffee I can get. This is usually the best day of the week for me.

I guess today is the flipside of “no mascara” day. “Shorts and Iced Coffee” day? Whatever you call it, I’m loving it and am even considering being productive for the second half of my “spring break”. Well, at least half of the second half…


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  1. Glad you’re getting this warm weather. It was 80 here today! Very unusual for March.

  2. I love springtime!!! I always feel so much better.

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