Nice Guys and Clumsy Me

There is a scene at the beginning of an episode of Gilmore Girls where Loralei is eating pizza out of the box at the edge of her sink.  As she finished and goes to close the pizza box, she accidently knocks the entire box on the floor and fails at her attempt to catch any part of it. She gives up, throws her arms in the air and says “Annnddd…Scene.”

I love this scene because I can very much relate to it. You’d think I’d have a little bit of grace after taking dance for most of my life, but no. Outside of a dance studio, there is not a hint of grace to be found.

Fiance finds it hilarious when I accidently bump into a glass and end up knocking 14 other items over in my attempt to salvage the one glass. My mishaps always find a way of snow balling into a huge catastrophe.

When eating ANYTHING, there is a 100% chance that it will end up somewhere on my clothing, whether it be my shirt, pants, shoes, or hair. One brave day I wore white to work (a couple of years ago). I heated up a vegetarian barbeque riblet for lunch. While carrying it from the microwave to my desk I tripped, dropped the plate, and the ribs literally rolled from my chest, down my pants, and landed on top of my tan suede shoes. I had barbeque smeared from chest to toe.

Another time, I was teaching, and we were drinking hot chocolate. It was Polar Express Day. The chocolate was hot, and the kids were all wearing adorable pi’s and slippers. I told them at least a thousand times to “be careful! the chocolate is very hot! Keep it in the center of your desk! Do not bump into anyone else’s desk!” I gave out every warning I could think of to prevent a major spill. Within 5 minutes of passing out the refreshments I tripped over my own slippers, fell onto a students desk, and spilled their hot chocolate all over my own pajamas.

“Class, this is exactly why I told you to be careful.” So glad I could be the example for everyone.

More classroom mishaps? Why, yes….

Anytime I’ve attempted to paint (mostly in my classrooms) I have proved that no amount of plastic and tape can keep me from making a mess. In classrooms in particular, one has to be VERY careful to not make an uncleanable mess. The principal will start quoting price damages to you, and the janitorial staff will put you on their black list.

One summer, I spent all day painting the walls in my classroom until I could stand the paint fumes no longer. By the time I HAD to leave, I had dripped paint from wall to wall, knocked a can over and made a puddle of paint on the floor, stepped in the puddle, and left blue footprints across the room. The building was empty at the is point, I knew I would be back at sunrise, and would indeed make another mess. I decided to put off cleaning until the next day and call it a day. No one would be the wiser.

I totaled my car on the way home.

I believe my second thought after crashing was “Shit! How am I going to clean my classroom in the morning!!!!” After dealing with the police, EMT, firemen, my Mom, and fiancé, I crawled under a blanket and called my Vice Principal (the most understanding of bosses). I wanted to be the first to explain my mess that would indeed be found by a cleaning lady the next day.

He actually understood my fear of the janitorial black list so much, that he cleaned my classroom himself the next day! Talk about a great boss.

Speaking of nice guys… I had a little “accident” this morning. During my morning break at work I decided to run to the grocery store to pick up much needed items (a frozen burrito and bananas). When I got to the checkout, I had my arms full of food because on the way in I had refused to get a basket. As I sat my items on the counter my coffee mug slipped from my grasp and crashed to the linoleum floor.

The lid popped off and my coffee went everywhere, including on my clothes, and on the ladies shoes in front of me. Embarrassed I asked the cashier for something to clean the mess, and began my “I’m so sorry!”’s to the annoyed woman in front of me.

Within a minute a manager ran over and handed me a wad of paper towels. I apologized to him too and then knelt down to clean my mess. Before I hit the floor he pulled me up by the shoulders and said. “No! I gave you those paper towels to clean yourself. You are my guest in this store, and it’s my job to clean this.”

I was floored. I explained to him that it was my fault and that I should clean it, but he absolutely refused and told me that “everything is okay, I got this” as he patted me on the shoulder and smiled.

All I could do was smile back and say thank you. When I left the store, he came up to me and said that I had made his day. Really????

I never imagined that making a mess in a public place could make me feel so nice. Thanks Mr. Manger man.

I thought about this kind gesture all day. All day long little “accidents” happened (like getting kicked in the face), and I thought of this manager and vice principal’s kind deeds. I still felt irritated on the inside, but I definitely tried to hide it, put on a smile, and say “everything’s okay, I got this.”

I don’t think I will ever be less clumsy or messy, but hopefully I will take a few pointers from these kind men and learn to be more tolerant of others mistakes. Tolerance is a virtue right?



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  1. No wonder why we are friends we are kindred 😉 Do you know how many mishaps I have had in grocery stores?! Just to name a couple…took out a laughing cow cheese display. Then another visit dropped a carton milk and burst and went EVERYWHERE! Yep..pretty sure they have a Wanted poster of me in the back at HEB..ha ha! Great blog..made me think of all of my “graceful” moments I have had lol!

    1. ^Forgive me for my poor English…oh my!

    2. haha glad im not the only one! I guess that’s one requirement of a BB! Hopefully we won’t cause too much trouble in a couple of weeks… well.. maybe a little trouble!

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