Circus Ole!

When I was in high school, we watched several different Cirque Du Soleil performances in my French class…I learned very little French in high school. Every time our teacher played the video I heard him say, “Today we are going to watch Circus Ole!”  Consequently, this is what I called this incredible show for years. Made sense to me…

You can imagine my surprise, and humiliation, when I first met Fiancé and he corrected my pronouncement.

I said something clever like “We should like totally go see that Circus Ole show in Downtown Disney!” I must have at least looked cute when I said it because we did end up going to the show together.

In the last 7 years we have been to 7 Cirque Du Soleil shows together. (Our favorite is still the one in Downtown Disney.) Obviously, we love these shows. Whenever we got wind of the fact that the new Cirque show titled “Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour” was going to be a traveling show, stopping in NYC for three days, we were psyched!

Fiancé bought our tickets as a Valentine’s/Anniversary present. Unfortunately, he got called to work in Nashville for 3 weeks, and will not be coming home until MJ’s Cirque show has come and gone.


Zoey, however, was more than happy to fill his shoes and attend the show with me last night.

When we arrived, we found that our very expensive seats, turned out to be terrible seats with a blocked view! Like always, we refused to except anything less than the best, so we moved to the second row right behind Tracy Morgan….who turned to be really obnoxious, and glittery. Right, Zoey?

Once I managed to ignore the bedazzled and chatty celebrity in front of me, I focused upon the talent on the stage.

Wow! Cirque never ceases to amaze me. They transformed Madison Square Garden into a crazy pop music dream full of various MJ’s, the Jackson 5, the Neverland Ranch, and crazy creatures that I thought only Michael himself could have dreamed up.

There were statues of children that came to life and morphed into break dancers, robot and machine-like humans that danced and tapped while attached to various chords and metals, a “boneless” being that emerged from a giant book of nightmares (which eventually introduced Thriller!) giant dancing, silver gloves, and so much more!

A few of my favorite performances were the scantily clad rock star chick who killed it on the violin, the most phenomenal pole dancer on the planet, and a group of boys who could tumble around like synchronized monkeys.

My iphone doesn’t exactly have the best quality, but you get the idea.

If Cirque Du Soleil is ever coming through your town I can promise you that it’s worth the steep ticket price. AND, if you are taking a trip to Disney World anytime soon (say, around June 9th??), you should definitely get tickets to their Cirque show La Nouba. It’s the most memorable show you will ever see!

Ole yall!

5 Replies to “Circus Ole!”

  1. I’d like to see that one!

  2. We saw the traveling show when it came to Beaumont. It was ok, but my parents went to the Beatles one in Las Vegas and said it was the best show they had ever seen!

  3. I’m going to Vegas this week and really hope to see O!

    1. I’m dying to see that! I’ve never been to Vegas, but I want to go just to see all the Cirque shows. Have fun!!

  4. […] we began dating in 2005, Husband and I have been to nine Cirque Du Soleil shows. We are BIG fans. The last Cirque show I went to was the traveling Michael Jackson show, phenomenal BTW, but almost a year ago! I was […]

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