Lemons Into Lemonade

Even though I am only 27 years old, I have a really bad back. Isn’t this supposed to happen when I am super old, with grandchildren, and handing out balloons at Disney World?

I have scoliosis and a bulging disk, and about 5 years ago my back went out completely…..like bed ridden, can’t go to work, can only lay in bed and cry kind of out. Ever since that episode, I have had several mini-episodes.

Today is one of those days.

I think it all started when I took the Pole-la-teaz class last weekend, then dancing the night away in my stilettos, and ending with me picking up a baby (which I do ALL day EVERY day!). I picked up one measley baby at work this morning and BAM! Back gone.

The suckiest part is that I had BIG plans to be uber-productive this weekend. Fiance is out of town again, and I tend to be the most productive when he isn’t here.

After work, I sat pouting because I could not work out and clean house as planned. Funny how any regular day I will come up with a million excuses to skip the gym, and the day I CAN’T go I behave as if my whole purpose in life is to workout. 

After I sulked a while I decided it was time to take the lemons life was giving me and exchange them for a shopping spree.

I know the “right” choice may have been to rest and see a chiropractor or something, but I hate doing nothing, and my last chiropractor was kind of a creeper. Plus, I know I’ll just sit around and start driving myself crazy with the idea that my back will never heal, and feeling lonely since Fiance isn’t here. Then, freaking out that I’m freaking out alone… Really, this whole day of shopping was keeping me from ending up in a psychiatrist office. Technically, I was saving money.

I shopped until I actually dropped today, in an elevator at Macy’s to be exact.

The shopping started at Nordstrom Rack. This was my first experience at the Rack, and I was thoroughly impressed! This place has some very nice designer duds for half the price. It’s still a little pricey (compared to H&M and Forever21), but I definitely found some great bargains… This was the start to what would prove to be a very costly day.

From here I went to Fishs Eddy in Union Square because it is the greatest store. Where else can you find a Michelle Obama coffee mug, a plane ticket serving tray, and a set of jacks???


Union Square was beautiful today, and I took some time strolling through the Farmer’s Market where I found a booth selling “plants for pets.”

Next stop was SOHO, my first encounter was with some sort of pet foundation group in front of PetCo asking for donations for the rescued dogs of the city. My heart began melting and breaking at the same time when I saw all of these adorable abandoned pups stuck in cages. I asked how much it was to adopt one, ready to hand over my debit card, and was told each pooch cost $400! Thank God, I never remember where I put my debit card.

I felt depressed that I couldn’t save one of these homeless dogs, so I quickly ran into Urban Outfitters to find something shiny to brighten my mood again.

The highlight of my trip might be the incredible shoe store in SOHO rightfully called “Irregular Choice”. This store began in England and is now all over the world. I first saw their shoes on modcloth.com. These shoes are crazy fun, weird, colorful, silly, and exactly what I want on my feet. Today, was the day to invest in a pair.

Treasure and Bond was next. This store is extremely trendy in the fact that it acts as a store/art gallery/coffee joint/charity all in one. These “lifestyle” stores are popping up all over the city promoting a community type environment as you shop. Treasure and Bond donates “100% of all after-cost-profits” (whatever that means?) to a different charity each month or so. I can rarely afford anything here, but it’s fun to look. Check out the illustrated 2-dimensional handbags! It’s mind-blowing.

My camera died somewhere between here and a caffeine pit stop. I continued on, bravely (It’s hard to get around with google maps!) determined to put a dent in my checking account . Within a couple hours I managed to trek through C Wonder, H&M, Uniqlo, Kate Spade, a bubble tea shop, Duane Reade, a new “lifestyle”shop called American Two Shop, and finally made it to Macy’s on 34th Street.

I have a few Macy’s gift cards (thanks Wedding Registry) that have been burning a whole in my wallet, and I need a good pillow.

For the past several years I’ve been sleeping on what I can only describe as a cotton ball wrapped in a tissue. Fiance sleeps on the biggest most expensive Tempurpedic pillow that exist. I very often “accidently” fall asleep on his pillow, but he gets tired of my antics and has been urging me to buy a nice one myself.

I’ve continued to put it off because there are just some many things (clothes) I’d rather buy than a boring pillow. No one will ever see me wear a pillow!

However, a gift card, a shopping spree, and a bad back all seemed like good excuses to finally invest in a nice pillow. On the elevator to the 8th floor of Macy’s my back basically said “That’s enough” and I began wondering if Macy’s has employees who will be willing to buy my pillow for me and then carry me to a cab.

I somehow managed to get the pillow and make it out of Macy’s on my own two feet and into a cab.

Soooo maybe shopping all day wasn’t the BEST idea for an aching back. I am now laying on a heat pad, watching reruns of Glee, and eating a frozen dinner. Guess I’ll play it safe from now on, and stick to online shopping when my back hurts.

I think my next blog may have to be title “Surviving in NYC with no money for a week.”


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  1. Sorry to hear about your back :/ Hope it gets better soon! Sounds like a busy day of shopping but I think you need to take it easy..for your back’s sake! 😉

    1. You are right..I do. If only I could make myself do that!

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