Extra! Extra!


Read all about it! I think I could pass for a newsie.

We saw Disney’s new show on broadway, newsies, with one of our visitors this weekend and it was really fun and impressive!

The only production Ive ever seen of Newsies is a middle school production so this was quite the upgrade. From what I understand there have been a few big changes ( a prominent love story) and a couple new songs (all were great), added to Disney’s new version.

The musical did start out a little slow, but it picked up, and I loved the show more and more each scene. It just kept getting better and I honestly didn’t want it to end.

And the dancing, omygosh the dancing! I never knew that a bunch of men dancing on broadway could be so hot! The moves were all very fast, difficult, and masculine (as masculine as broadway gets). These young men were very talented and definitely kept me entertained.

Positively Panicked gives the Newsies 4 stars!





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