“I love you…[insert celebrity name here]!”

There are obviously tons of famous people who live in NY, or who are currently working in NY. It seems like every movie and TV show is set here, and I am always reading about how so-and-so was posted shopping in SOHO, drinking coffee in the East Village, or eating at a one-of-a-kind diner in Greenwich Village.

I find these headlines incredibly irritating. Not because they are trivial and there are so many more important things happening to report about, but because I am ALWAYS shopping in SOHO, drinking coffee, and eating at diners, and I NEVER see anyone famous!

It’s not like I am some sort of crazed fan dying to meet my favorite celebrity, and make a fool of myself in front of them, telling them how much I love them, and how talented I think they are. I just want to meet someone interesting, befriend them, become apart of their social circles, get myself in a few magazines, and end up on Dancing With The Stars. That’s all.

I did have a dream once that I met Mary-Louise Parker at Starbucks, and she was very friendly. A couple days later (in the real world), I found out that Weeds was renewed for another season. I’m pretty sure that means I’m a psychic.

Anyways, earlier this week we went with our Seattle cousin to see a play called Seminar on Broadway. The first time I ever heard of this play was a few hours before I saw it, when I received a text message at work telling me to meet them at the theatre the second I got off.

When I arrived, out of breath from running the last 3 blocks, I asked Fiance what the play was about…

Fiance: I don’t know, but Jeff Goldbloom is in it.

Me: Who?? (I am terrible with actor’s names)

Faince: The guy from Jurassic Park.

Me: ……… ?

Fiance: The guy from FRIENDS who did a commercial with Joey.

Me: Oh of course, I love that guy!

When we walked into the small theatre we discovered that Justin Long and Jerry O’Connell were also in the play. What a nice surprise!

The play was 90 minutes full of laughs, intellectual jokes, clever twists, and an amazing cast of five talented actors. When the play was over we all agreed (minus Fiance) that it would be fun to wait at the stage door and meet the actors…assuming they’d be willing to stand in the cold and meet us.

Turns out that every single one of them was more than willing to meet every single person who stayed after the show and waited. They gave autographs, took pictures, joked around, and were just so nice and friendly.

Justin Long
Christina Pumariega (She's not famous yet, but she will be)
Jerry O'Conell
Jeff Goldblum

I didn’t get invited out to drinks or anything, but it was still fun. We were on such a celebrity high that we decided to top the night off with frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity’s.

Have I mentioned that I’m lactose-intolerant? Well, I am, and it stinks. I decided to eat half of an entire Frozen Mint Hot Chocolate with Faince anyways, take that lactose!

Frozen mint hot chocolate
Two seconds before the worst brain freeze ever













…..I’ve been sick for 3 days… lactose-1, Hilarie-0

Who cares! I met the guy who was on one episode of FRIENDS that I love! I love you Jeff Goldbloom!


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