Rainy Day Fun

We recently had a very rainy day, like the most rain I have seen since moving to NY. We decided to make this day into a museum day, and our first stop was MAD (The Museum of Art and Design). This was my first visit to MAD, and I am in love! This may be my most favorite museum ever. Well…second favorite. My favorite is still the Museum d’Orsay in Paris.

MAD is a museum that displays contemporary creativity. Make what you want of that, it’s the best way to describe it. The exhibits on display when we visited were super cool, clever, and interesting.

One exhibit is called Swept Away. All of the pieces in this area were made of dust, sand, dirt, or ashes; such as a quilt made of drier lent, and glass jars filled with soot from candles, and then etched into beautiful pictures.

The second exhibit is called Glasstress, and is new creative glass sculptures that were all made in Murano, an island in Venice, Italy. I found this especially interesting because we have been lucky enough to have been to Murano (twice!), and see some of the more traditional and classic glass art. These new pieces were created by artists from all over the world who challenged themselves by using glass as a medium. Their work is all very contemporary, and unlike anything we saw in Murano.

The third exhibit is called Beauty in All Things, It had some interesting pieces, buy my favorite thing was the wine glass that I had a mermaid that can actually swim in and out of your glass of wine!

The last exhibit, the best exhibit, is called Hanging Around, all necklaces!!! MAD’s jewelry collections is FABULOUS! They have necklaces made of everything, from precious metals and rare gemstones to intestines, gun triggers, black coral, and butterfly wings! My most favorite piece is a necklace made of little miniature NYC train cars. Each train car has a different name on it, like “field trip”, and inside the glass train car you will find miniature people posed appropriately.

"The End of the Day"
The 7 Deadly Sins
A necklace that looked just like the one I was wearing!
My necklace!

We also met an artists that was working on a new project at MAD. Her name is Coco, she is crazy creative and very friendly. She let us watch her, talk to her, touch her stuff, and look through all of her past work. You can check her out here.

The next stop was MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art. Here we got to enjoy the works of Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and so many more. Look at all the pretty artwork we got to enjoy!

Do you feel as cultured and open-minded as I do? I should really visit NYC’s museums more often. I guess it’s time I put my MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) membership to use.


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