Adios Amigos

All of our visitors have gone home, and our teeny 400 square foot apartment feels a lot bigger now. We were in cozy quarters, but it was so great to spend time with so much family! Here’s a little photo diary of some things I missed in the previous blogs.

Visiting St. Thomas church on 5th Avenue
Vegetable pizza with soy cheese (per moi!)
View of Grand Central Station from a secret-workers-only walkway that we flirted our way into
Gelato at Chelsea Market
Mimosas for breakfast!
One of our many trips to Time Square

It’s so hard to say good-bye, but we won’t be alone for too long! We have two more friends coming to stay with us in just 3 days! Woohoo!

More NYC blogs to come.


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  1. Nice shorts, Peter!

    1. yeah those are his new “fashion star” designer shorts from H&M

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