One Hot Mess

You know the moment when your realize your bills are overdue, dinner is burning, the roots in your hair are 3 inches long, the laundry is starting to grow something, the dog is barking, the phone is ringing, you are pulling a double shift at work, you lost your phone, broke your camera, only put mascara on one eye, and just when you think life can’t get any more out of control you spill your hot-not-one-sip-taken cup of coffee down your new white shirt?

If your answer is yes, then you my friend, may proudly call yourself a hot mess.

I’m so crazed lately that I’m debating changing my last name to HotMess. Hilarie HotMess, that has a nice ring to it. Maybe fiancé will change his last name to HotMess after we are married. Then we will have little HotMess babies, And be one big HotMess family. Our family portraits will include unwashed hair and ketchup stained tees.

I’m such a mess I can’t even find the shirt Zoey bought for me that labels me a “HotMess”. I figure if I wear it this week I won’t have to explain running late or forgetting to brush my teeth.

(I actually wrote half of this blog this morning, and later accidently deleted the damn thing and am now re-writing it….how appropriate.) eh

It’s my own fault that I get into these hot messes often. I like being busy because it keeps my mind from wondering into scary places (this is also a reason why I usually skip the meditation/relaxation portion at the end of yoga). I also feel incredibly guilty when I’m not being productive…not sure when this habit started. Plus, I’m a people pleaser, so it’s difficult for me to tell anyone “no”. Let’s not forgot I’m also a very messy person in general.

These must be the prerequisites of a HotMess. I haven’t done any in-depth research, but I’m pretty positive about this.

I probably shouldn’t complain though because most of this craziness relates to positive things happening in my life.

-we have had visitors with us for about two weeks.
-I’ve been working lots of overtime; which equals a bigger paycheck.
-the wedding is only 5 weeks away!!!
-I’ve actually been sticking to my to-do lists and working out and cleaning every single day! Yay me!

However; there have also been some unpleasantries this week:

-I caught a stomach bug on tuesday
– my identity was stolen on Wednesday What does this even mean???
-ran out of coffee in Thursday
-woke up an hour late Friday
-and woke up with a cold today… Boo me!

At 1am one night this week I was laying in bed, writing a blog, saying how busy I was, but that I haven’t felt stressed at all! I was super proud of myself for getting everything done, staying organized, and not letting little things like credit card fraud get me down.

At 2am a couple nights later I mentioned how Ive been feeling sick. My acid reflux was really acting up, my mouth had 3 ulcers, and my head was pounding…. These things were starting to interfere with my never-slow-down attitude.

Fiancé pointed out that I sounded stressed, and maybe I should put the laptop down, and get some sleep. Stupid body trying to send me all these subtle hints to take a break. Stop slowing me down! I was so relieved to hear this! I guess I have been a little too busy, and going bed sounded so good I could have cried.

He also suggested to stop drinking caffeine after 10pm, but I chose not to hear that.

It wasn’t until Fiancé said this, that I even considered NOT writing my blog. Writing daily posts has become such a regular part of my day, plus I get real enjoyment from checking it off my to do list. I feel so accomplished whenever I actually complete my to-do’s.

Anyways, all I’m really trying to say here is that if you’ve been sad and lonely without my daily blogging than you’ll have to take it up with Fiancé. HE said it was okay.

My two days off were much needed, but I’ve missed you all and it’s time to get back to blogging business!

Now if any of you have tips on where to order wedding programs, how to get my identity back, or how to make my own iced latte that would be super!


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