So Pink and Shiny!

I have not had my own camera for over a year. This has not been a problem because of my phone, and the fact that Fiance has a really nice camera that he “lets” me use whenever I please. Of course, when I say “lets” I mean “doesn’t get mad at me when I steal it for the day, but gets really angry  when I throw it in my purse instead of putting back in the camera bag”.

The camera bag is just so big and bulky, and so much more weight for me to tote around. Often, I just tell Fiance I put it in the camera bag to avoid hearing his VERY long lecture about all the dirt in my purse and how it ruins his camera…blah blah blah.

Well, I decided that I am tired of lying to Fiance. Instead, I devised a plan to get him to help me get a new camera.

Fiance loves to figure out conundrums. He likes to fix things when they’re broken. He finds pleasure in solving other peoples problems. Basically, he really enjoys making things work whether you want them to or not.

For example, if I, or anyone else, leaves a perfectly fine laptop laying around, we will return to find our laptop updated with the latest software and now completely unfamiliar. I know he means well, the updates are usually useful, and he often cleans the keyboard…. so it’s not such a terrible habit, I guess.  Fiance just cannot stand for anyone to be using a not-updated freshly cleaned computer.

My new-camera plan began with me complaining about my broken camera, and how I wished it could be fixed. (Fiance had attempted fixing it long ago.) I know that Canon has a policy that allows you to return broken cameras and get a new one for a much cheaper price, I am just too busy to figure out all the details for myself. I’d bring the subject up while taking pictures on a walk with my phone, “I bet a new Canon camera would take much better pictures than this crummy iPhone.” I’d bring it up again while writing a blog, “My blog would look so much better if I only I could take better pictures…with a new camera…” etc, etc.

Fiance bit the bait as I had anticipated, and within a few days he was shipping my old camera back to Canon, and a new one was delivered in it’s place. All I had to do was hand over the extra cash to cover the costs.

Voila! Like taking candy from a baby…or something like that.

I was so excited to get my pretty new pink camera that I decided to take pictures immediately of every pretty thing around me…which turned out to be my accessories.

My new favorite necklace from Juile Collection.
My new dinosaur earrings from Irregular Choice.

My glass ring from Murano Island in Venice, Italy.
My favorite piece of jewelry. (I know, I know… gag. But, I just can’t help myself!)
And, of course my favorite accessory!

Then we celebrated my new camera, (and Cinco De Mayo) with tacos!

Tacos should be served for EVERY celebration. I wanted tacos and french fries at the wedding, but I was consistently told this wouldn’t be “classy” enough… boo. I’ll just have them for lunch on the wedding day instead! Bridesmaids, are you with me!?!?

Lots of great pictures to look forward to!


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  1. Congrats on the camera! I didnt know canon did that! Yea fiancé! And kudos to you for the subtle manipulation!

  2. I’m with you!!

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