Four Weeks Baby!

Monica: Do you realize that we’re getting married in just four weeks? Four weeks, baby, FOUR WEEKS!
Chandler: Do you realize that you get louder every week?”

(You know Fiance and I reenacted this scene…more than once.)

Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit, technically today is 26 days until the wedding, but still, it’s pretty darn close to FOUR WEEKS! I cannot believe how fast this day is approaching!

Now, drumroll please. ddddrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbddrrrrdddddbbbbbrbrbrbdbdbbbrrbrbrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbbdddddddd

I FINISHED THE SEATING CHARTS! That’s right we have two  seating charts (one for the reception and one for a breakfast), and as painful as it was I completed both of them this weekend.

[Insert applause, hooting, hollering, jumping up and down, and all celebration noises here.]

After lots of whining, fit throwing, pouting, and coffee drinking, I locked myself in the apartment for 36 hours this weekend and did nothing but wedding planning activities. Fiance and I bunkered down with Mexican food, lots of caffeine, and Gilmore Girls..all the right tools.

Want to know how I  did it?  Just follow these simple steps:

1: Drink A LOT of coffee, have and extra pot brewing, and keep a dark chocolate bar on hand.

2: Make fake tables. I used the lid of a mayonnaise container to trace circles and some plain white printer paper. Then I just cut them out in squares, and numbered them.

3. Write and categorize every guest on a color-coordinated post-it. For example, the bridal party is all written on orange, Peter’s family on green, my family on pink, etc. etc. See how organized I can be!?!?!

4. Brace yourself. (This may be a good time to have a Mexican food break, or get that second dose of caffeine.)

5. Begin placing your post-it people at their numbered tables. (The two cell phones represent me and Fiance at our sweetheart table).

6. Throw a fit. You are going to need to do this. At this point, you will want to throw everyone into a pile, and randomly place them at tables. You will even begin to believe that this will work.

7. Take a deep breath when your fiancé comes over to help (he saw you banging your head on the floor). When he attempts to move people do not yell as you try to explain that NO Little Red Riding Hood cannot sit next to the Big Bad Woof, and YES all the seven dwarves have to remain together, and so on and so on. Let him help. You need help.

8. Finish, and do NOT change a thing. It’s perfect.

9. Within the next 24 hours it is guaranteed that 4 people will call and say they cannot come, or they are bringing a date, or that they are not really sure what there status is anymore. Just put all this people at the loser table.

Just kidding, there is definitely no such table.

10. Congratulate yourself and order some new wedding makeup from Sephora! You did it!

Then, it’s probably wise to send a disclaimer to all your guest:

*Fiance and I did our absolute best to sit you with people you will know, you may not know, and people you will get along with, find interesting, or at least be able to laugh at. We cannot be held responsible for any flirting, drunk-texting, embarrassing pictures, or even more embarrassing dance moves that may happen at your table. Mostly, we hope that no one sits at the tables at all. Just dance the night away and only use your chair as a holder for your belongings. Although, eating at the table is also acceptable.*

Good luck to any other bride or party planner attempting to complete this task!


5 Replies to “Four Weeks Baby!”

  1. I think #6 was the best idea. Put everyone in a pile and randomly stick names to tables.

    1. it was definitely fun to try!

  2. Great Job, Hil! Lots of hard work and it will definitely pay off 🙂

    1. woo, let’s hope so!

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