Lefty or a Righty?

I have been working on my wedding vows the passed couple of nights because we decided a long time ago we wanted to write our vows. Writing your own vows just sounds so romantic, special, and personal. We want our vows to be unique to us, and memorable to our guests. I assumed that being in love and having tons of adventures over the last 7 years would give me plenty of material for just a couple minutes of vows.


I am very tempted to combine the vows of Monica and Chandler, and Cory and Topanga, and call it a night.

Somehow, in the middle of all my writing and googling “how to write your own unique sweet funny wedding vows”, I accidently got distracted and ended up taking a “What side of the brain do you use?” quiz.

I can never remember which side does what, but the quiz says I use 60% of my right brain, and 40% of my left brain. From, what I skimmed through, I think that means I like to make lists and be organized, but I tend to get side-tracked very easily and make a mess.Oh yeah…wasn’t I supposed to be writing my vows? (as I dust triscuit crumbs off my shirt)

All of this left brain/right brain talk made me remember an activity a super awesome college professor made our class do in our Master’s program. I’ll skip the activity and get to the conclusion:

-We all have a certain a work personality, and we have to learn to work with people who have a different work personality. (This was a lesson on how to be a principal for people who work and think nothing like you.)

What I loved about this lesson is that every personality was symbolized by a piece of candy! Just describe the candy and you basically get the personality.

Starburst: organized, individually wrapped, bright, independent, orderly, logical, tart, flavorful, variety, list-maker

M&M: cute, colorful, cooperative, friendly, social, dependable, messy, sensitive, laid back, popular, hard on the outside, soft on the inside

Hershey Bar: genuine, conforming, practical, plain, precise, efficient, analytical, dependable, organized, by the book

Snickers: sweet and salty, disorderly, imaginative, energetic, outside the box, on the go, independent, gets the job done, busy

You get it.

I am mostly a Snickers, with a little bit of Starburst. I loved this lesson because at the time, I was working with a Hershey Bar, and my professor taught us how best to work with each type of candy. It was like a light went off and I completely understood why my boss and I butted heads so often. All she wanted was for everything to be a nice clean symmetrical box, and all I wanted was to rip that box apart and throw some paint on it. Neither of us were wrong, just wired differently.

What was important was that we had the same goals in mind, just different routes to get there.

It may often seem that I am HotMess, flitting from one task to the next, energetic to anxiety attack in 2.8 seconds…but I always get the job done in the end. What looks disorderly and irresponsible to some, is my way of organizing my many task. I’ve always got a list. (Actually, I often have 8 lists because I keep misplacing them, and have to write more a new scrap of paper.) I may not follow the list in an orderly fashion, but it all gets checked off. And, I guarantee it is completed with 110% effort like you’ve never seen before…with a little bit of glitter and a lot of pizazz. That’s how us Snickers roll.

Now, I realize I speak freely of my bad habits on this blog, but that’s because I like being open about my flaws, and hopefully these flaws make someone else feel better about their own faults and bad habits.

BUT, I am far from being irresponsible.

Now, that I have completely gone off the vow writing path, I should probably attempt to find my way back. I guess I need to make a list, lose it, go for a walk, brainstorm, make another list, do some research, look at pictures of us, think about our special memories, like that time we kicked butt in a couple’s contest in the Domincan Republic, should have bought that video, oh and the monkey, I need to find that picture, such a great trip, can’t wait to go to costa rica in month…. damn it! What was I supposed to be doing again?


4 Replies to “Lefty or a Righty?”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out which candy I am!

  2. Can I be all of the candies? They all have such wonderful qualities! 🙂

    1. haha yes danica, you are the whole grab bag!

      1. 🙂

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