Slumber Party

If you been keeping up with NewYorkWhimsy, you are probably aware that Zoey is out of town for a while. The truth is that she is lounging away, eating bonbons, and enjoying her parents’ spacious house in Nashville. Fiance is also out of town, he is having his bachelor party in Kentucky this week. So, I’m stuck in the city, slaving away, and raising the “children”. (To be honest, I am enjoying some alone/quiet/calm time. It’s just so much easier to get stuff done. Plus, no one is here to hassle me when I want to fall to sleep to Gilmore Girls on the couch with a jar of peanut butter in my hands… heaven.)

Zoey is a tad OCD when it comes to her cats, so when she volunteered me to be their caregiver, as she explores the wide open spaces, she left a very detailed list of instructions.


I wanted to show her how great I am at following instructions, so I sent her proof of each step.


I am hoping to get a gold star when she returns. (And, Zoey, by “gold star” I obviously mean dinner.)

Tonight is my last night to care for the cats, and since we are all a little lonely, Belle and I decided to have a slumber party with the cats.

Belle is perfectly content because as far as she in concerned, she is a cat. The cats on the other hand, well you should read about them here and here. They’re insane. And incredibly spoiled.

I searched Zoey’s apartment high and low for ANY sort of snack food, and the closest I could find is dried fruit and unsalted nuts…wtf zoey? But, lucky for me she has delicious cloudberry jam from Finland to snack on…or eat directly from the jar. Sorry Zoey.

Here’s to a night of lots of cuddling with these three cuties!


Hope everyone else has something cute to cuddle tonight!


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  1. That is the most depressing picture of Scout hiding under a couch. Thanks for watching them! You’re the best! When I got home they told me how much fun they had with their cool babysitter. Except of course that you brought that giant rat over. Killers words not mine.

    1. i know! Scout would not be a good model for me. And you are very welcome. I like getting to spend time with my cat nieces.

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