A Good Idea…Being Thankful

There is a great blog I follow, that I can often relate with, called Artful Anxiety. The girl who writes this blog recently wrote a post where she decided to write about 10 things she is thankful for as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She tried it, and it had a positive effect on her. I love this idea!

I used to be in the habit of “counting my blessings” before going to bed each night (a habit created partially from a religious upbringing and partially from one of my favorite movies White Christmas) . However, I have recently fallen out of this habit. This morning, I woke up before everyone, and decided to check my email while laying in bed. Lucky for me, Artful Anxiety wrote a new post about being thankful. Right then and there I decided to open up a new page on my laptop and start my own list.

Here it is…

1. My parents are here with me all weekend.

2. Fiance is snuggled next to me.

3. I have the cutest little dog.

4. I am (for the most part) healthy.

5. The wedding is EXACTLY 21 days away!!!!

6. Zoey lives a block and a half away.

7. I had a full night’s sleep. (First time this week)

8. The opportunity to write whatever I want, post it online for the world to see, and have other’s “like” it.

9. Air conditioner.

10. Coffee.

That’s it. That was the first ten things I thought of while laying in bed. Of course there our HUNDREDS of more things and people I am thankful for. In fact, here’s are some pics of several events I am thankful to have experienced with my parents yesterday!

Exploring the MET with my parents
More MET
A crazy organ in the music exhibit at the MET that we got to watch being played.
Time Square had a free Abu Dhabi exhibit where they let us try their local snacks, coffee, perfumes, henna tattoos, and even take pictures with live birds.
the perfumes
Mom and Dad at Grand Central Station
Having a little too much fun waiting for the train
At this point, one lady looked at us, and said “you obviously aren’t from here…”
St. Patricks Cathedral

Rockefeller Center
yummy appetizers at Max Brenner
And of course dessert at Max Brenner! That bald man makes some amazing chocolate goodness.

Their first full day in the city was definitely a success! I can’t wait for more adventures: SOHO, Brooklyn, Broadway, Chelsea… you will see us soon!



6 Replies to “A Good Idea…Being Thankful”

  1. Hooray for gratitude 🙂 your mother is a stunning lady! Again, I’m totally jealous you live in NYC!

    1. Oh thank you, and you definitely just made her day!

  2. I am so thankful for many things in my life. I have constant reminders at work of how lucky I am.
    Looks like y’all are having a good time! : )

    1. yes, we are, wish you were here!

  3. Great blog post..definitely a lot to be thankful for! I feel the same way 🙂 Loved the pics and I see you ate at Max Brenner..yum! Agreed that bald man sure does know his chocolate!

    1. I know, we really do, like great friends!!!

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