The Never Ending Lists

I am a list maker. I love making lists for everything. To do list. Shopping list. Wish list. Grocery list. Fiance’s to do list. Packing list. Wedding list. Honeymoon list. Favorite song list. Reminders list. Work list. What not to do list. I make list on post-its, scrap paper, my laptop, my iPhone, my agenda, my arm, back of receipts, etc. etc.

My list making materials drives Fiance nuts. “Why do you make lists on a zillion pieces of paper and leave them all over the house? Just use your iPhone, or your laptop, you are wasting so much technology!”

I’ve tried explaining to him that I need to see the lists floating in my purse, stuck to the fridge, and on the closet floor. That is the ONLY way I will remember anything! If it’s on my phone I have to actually click on a little “notepad” ap and make the effort to remember to look at all of my lists. WAY too much trouble.

We have had this argument enough times (to the point that he once consolidated all my lists and added them to my phone in an effort to help). In my own effort to try to meet him halfway, I now keep a list on my phone. I still keep all my paper lists too, so now I just have double the amount of lists.


(And, I really, really, really do not want to admit this…but with all the wedding planning and what not….the phone-lists have been a little helpful…)

So, in a recent effort to get everything I need to get done before the wedding and the trip to Costa Rica, I have made an ultimate list of lists.

“wo” is for “workout”, I am determined to be in tip top shape for the wedding!

My goal with this list has been to do one thing from each seperate list every day. I kind of stole this idea from Pinterest. There have been a million ideas on Pinterest that involve keeping your house clean with just 5-10 minutes of cleaning everyday. I decided to adapt this idea to my life.

With my new goal, my days now consists of work, dusting on my lunch break, exercising after work, filling out escort cards while watching Modern Family, online grocery shopping, making lesson plans, and writing a blog entry while attempting to hold my head up. (or some version of that)

It’s not exactly glamorous, but I must say it feels damn good to scratch off each of those items from my to-do list, and I go to bed feeling slightly more accomplished, and slightly less stressed.

Now, only 17 days left until I say, “I do”, and only 14 days until I am in Florida! Sooo 13 days to complete all the lists! Woohoo!


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  1. artfulanxiety says: Reply

    I feel the same way about lists. I need to see them too, otherwise I forget them. I think I also like the satisfaction of crossing something off physically. Do you get that too?

    1. Yes definitely! That’s one reason why I like paper lists better, it’s so satisfying to draw a line through something I finished!

  2. What does “Mail Stuff to Kali” mean? Lol

    1. That’s for the stuff i need to send u for the scrapbook! Haha I’ve got a bag full of memorabilia in my closet

  3. My main reason for getting an iphone was for the calendar & the LIST. I love how I can title each page for different stores where we shop. I still have some paper lists I try to add to the phone asap!
    BTW I’m looking forward to meeting your parents. They seem like such a nice couple.

    1. Yes it is definitely handy! I can’t wait for you to them too, it’s gonna be such a great weekend! So excited to see u!

  4. I make lists too. First I make a big list of everything I need to do. Then I divide into categories. Then I rewrite in the order that I need to do it. Then one of two things will happen. I will constantly keep looking at the list over and over till its done or I will never look at it again ( that usually happens on the weekend.)

    1. Haha wow! U are like the ultimate list maker!

  5. I make lists too…but somehow I manage to lose them in some black abyss which can never be found again. I am convinced I am a person not meant for lists ha ha!

    1. hah, i agree danica, you do not seem like a list person to me

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