Our Own NYC Sitcom

Before ever moving to the city, Fiance and I always talked and dreamed about living here and living a life that combined our favorite parts of classic NYC sitcoms… F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Seinfeld, Sex and the City, etc. We imagined being best friends with our neighbors, eating bagels and drinking coffee, shopping at fabulous places, and eating at cute little restaurants at their sidewalk tables. Isn’t that why anyone moves to New York?

We have lived like Carry Bradshaw, and even a little like Jerry Seinfeld, but it wasn’t until recently the we started feeling like Monica and Chandler.

When we got our apartment in August, our 4th floor walk-up was completely solo, the three other apartments on our floor were vacant. But, it appears we started a trend and we now have a full floor full of twenty-something year old guys. All of whom, happen to be fun, friendly, and totally into the idea of living like a sitcom.

We all agreed it would be fun to leave our doors open, offer food and drinks when cooking, and just hangout and get to know each other. I love them already!

Today, our awesome new neighbors decided to make Sunday Funday into BBQ on the roof with our neighbors day. Most of the tenants in our building are older and tend to keep to themselves, so we were positive no one else would be chillin’ on the roof on this sunny day. Our neighbors went out and bough astroturf, and even brought their own lawn chairs and grill up. We set up camp, grilled out, made drinks, and invited over other friends to join us.

Belle’s made a new friend

The afternoon was perfect.

Right about the moment I started getting bored, it started raining, and we moved the party indoors. We kept our promises and left all the doors open, but Zoey and I decided we wanted to chill and watch TV. And, since the doors were left open, our new neighbors adorably sweet giant dog snuck in and decided to join us.

Now, if one of us starts eating out of the other’s fridge, or a dramatic on-again off-agian relationship spurs, we can officially call ourselves the real-life F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Happy Sunday Funday!


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  1. How fun! Btw…that dog looks hilarious in that pic..ha ha ha!

    1. I know! It is so freakin’ sweet!

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