This is it

Let’s hope so.

Okay people. This is it. This is my last official blog post for a few weeks.

Except that’s kind of  lie.

I have written some blogs in advance that I will post while I am away, just know I have no control over the posts or comments while I am gone…. Unless I break and decided to use the app on my iPhone. We’ll see. The goal is to stay clear of most technology.

Maybe, I’ll actually find some time to relax. I’m not even packing my laptop.

SO, if you haven’t heard, I am getting married this Saturday!!!! WOO! Zoey and I are off to Orlando at 6am tomorrow, and will be in over our heads in last minute wedding details for the next few days. The wedding is at DisneyWorld. The Honeymoon/Family Vacation is in Costa Rica, so look forward to lots of adventurous traveling blogs when I return.

Right now I am feeling SO VERY nervous. It’s the kind of nervous I used to get before dance recitals, except I’ve been feeling this way all week. I guess, in a way, the wedding is a lot like a performance. I’ll be dressed in “costume”, have my hair and makeup done, I have lines, I’ll be dancing, there will be an audience…just typing this gives me butterflies.

It is so hard to believe it was 7 years ago that I met Fiance at DisneyWorld, and a whole year ago that we got engaged! And, I’ll stop right there before I  start getting all lovey dovey on you.

Thanks to all who have helped with all the wedding festivities this year. See you very very soon!


The Bride!!!

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  1. It’s seems like y’all dated for so long, but yet time has flown by! I’m so happy for both of you! and I’ll be happy to see you relax and enjoy all of the festivities!

    1. Thank you Mom! It really was a magical time!

  2. Kelly Johnson says: Reply

    SO, SO happy for you & Peter as you begin your next chapter together as husband & wife! I’m sure your big day will be as magical as you have dreamed it to be! Many wishes for life long happiness & love together! Hannah & I will be thinking of you!! 🙂

    1. thanks so much Kelly!!! We had the best time, and I have so many pictures and stories to share! Can’t wait to blog all about it!

  3. Yay!! I can’t wait!

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