Today is the day I will have to transition Fiance into Husband. Whoa.

Today is our wedding day. Since, I am writing this in advance, I will have to assume that everything is going perfectly. The weather is wonderful. The guests are dancing the night away. And we are busy celebrating at our happiest day yet.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me plan, kept me sane, thrown us a party, didn’t kill us for being obnoxious, attended the wedding, and love and supported us! You have each made this day even more special than it already is!

Fiance/Husband/Best Friend, you have truly made me the happiest I have ever been. I love you more than this blog can express, and I am so lucky to be marrying you today!

For those of you who are not with us today, here’s some pics to give you a little insight into mine and Fiance/Husband’s 7 year dating relationship.


AND the day we got engaged.

Sick of us yet?

Have a great weekend full of love and dancing!


Mr. and Mrs. Positively Panicked

7 Replies to “Husband”

  1. Best wishes to you both! Love you
    aunt Amy & uncle Mark

    1. thans amy and mark, its as so great to get to spend some time with you there!

  2. Great pics of an awesome couple! 🙂 BTW..was Peter Scorpion in the costume pic?! ha ha ha!

    1. hahaha why yes he was! That was in Albania and we “borrowed” those costumes from the school supply closet!

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