Husband’s Surprise

As previously mentioned, I am TERRIBLE at surprises. I always get too excited and spill the beans way beforehand. A typical conversation around Christmas would sound a lot like this:

Me: I went shopping today!

Husband: That’s cool.

Me: I got you a surprise…

Husband: Uh-huh.

Me: ……soooo, you want to know what it is??!!??

Husband: You don’t have t…

Me: Okay fine! I’ll tell you!

So, when I found out husband was less than thrilled to swim with manatees(wtf?), I had to very quickly plan a last-minute surprise for his wedding present. This turned to be a blessing because it gave me very little time to keep the surprise a secret, which I did! Yay me!

Last Thursday, I got off of work at lunch time, ran home, and told Husband to get ready for a special date. I decided to make a full day of my surprise. Since Husband loves going on new walks around the city, our first stop was “The Jewish Lower East Side”. I walked Husband around while reading him the description of what used to be the largest Jewish neighborhood in the world.

Our 2 mile walk ended at Essex St, and we just happened to end right in front of a restaurant that Husband has been dying to try, Beauty and Essex. Beauty and Essex is a really cool restaurant that fronts as a hip pawn shop full of guitars and vintage toys. At the back of the pawn shop is a large door that opens up the secret lounge/bar/restaurant in the back.

(I stole these pics from their website. They were just so much better than mine.)

The pawn shop
The restaurant
The upstairs lounge

The food was DELICIOUS…though very little available for vegetarians. The decor and ambiance were really unique and fun. We felt like we were eating in Casablanca and thought Humphrey Bogart could walk in at any moment. The service was pretty crappy though. All the waitresses were very pretty and young girls, dressed in sexy little numbers and five-inch heels, but they hung out in the corners on their cell phones the whole time. Which would have worked out fine if I could have texted them my order.

After dinner was the grande finale! I took Husband to see the 2012 Tony award winner for “best play”, Clybourne Park. 

The play is about a neighborhood in 1959 who is debating selling a house to an African-American family. Act 2 takes place 50 years later, and the neighborhood, now predominately African-American, is trying to keep a white family from moving into the same house and gentrifying (is that a word?) the neighborhood. There are some obvious serious tones and themes throughout the play. Some scenes were even tear-jerkers, but most of the play is pretty darn hilarious. It’s a must-see.

Husband loved his surprises, and I love that I actually managed to pull off a surprise. I’ll have to try surprising him more often.


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