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Before and after our trip to Hilton Head, Husband and I got to spend a day in Nashville. I LOVE Nashville, probably more than any other city. If you haven’t been, you are seriously missing out on the most perfect city. Nashville offers everything other big cities have to offer…amazing restaurants, super fun nightlife, tons of shopping, a beautiful skyline, and lots of silly touristy stops and must-see attractions.

If you drive just a few miles outside of Nashville you will find beautiful hills, mountains, rivers, caves, and lakes! There is just SO much to do, and all of Tennessee is so beautiful! Not to mention, most of Husband’s family and lots of our good friends live there. I don’t think we visit Tennessee often enough.

So, when we do get the opportunity to be in Middle Tennessee we try to make the most of our limited time.

This most recent trip we spent time with some of our best friends, ate at a couple cheap Tex-Mex favorite, and played with our favorite family cats.

I love spending time with our friends, but I may love spending time with our friend’s babies even more. I absolutely hate being so far away from my friends’ kids. They grow up so fast, and I miss seeing them meet their milestones. Also, I am afraid they won’t remember me considering I only see them all a few times a year.

This is why I made sure to spend every second possible with one of the cutest babies in Tennessee…handsome Parker. We ate watermelon together, and each got juice all over our clothes. I dressed him in the coolest accessories, and tried to make him stop licking Zoey’s feet. I even taught him to use the water hose and how to squirt Husband with it. After play time we took Parker to eat Mexican food and I fed him my cheese enchiladas. Then, I allowed him to crawl over the table and shower himself with the salt and pepper shakers…because what kid can forget that? It was a very successful day. Next time I’ll have to teach him how to drink coffee and order at Starbucks. I am really passionate about imparting my wisdom upon our future leaders.

Our last night in Nashville, we got a group of friends together at a new gym called Jump Sky High. The gym is a 40,000 square facility with hundreds of trampolines on the floors and walls. They have trampoline courts meant for tons of jumping and tumbling, a trampoline filled dodge-ball area, and a trampoline court ending in a huge foam pit.

We jumped and flipped around for an hour. It was a blast! We all tried stunts we haven’t pulled in years and took turns flying off a rope swing and flipping into the foam pit. I felt like I was 14 years old again.

We weren’t supposed to have cameras or phones so this is the best pic I have….We are on the dodge ball court and I’m making a “cobra” pose, don’t ask.

Now, 2 days later, I feel like I’m 54. I am so incredibly sore!!! Not to mention the trampoline burns from my numerous falls. Don’t get me wrong, I’d do it all again. I’ll just buy some IcyHot ahead of time.

Nashville, you never disappoint, hope to see you soon!


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