You Just Thought It Was Over

Guess who got her wedding proofs delivered?!?!?!?! In case you didn’t get enough of our Disney Wedding, I will share some of my professional pictures today. It’s your lucky day! My photographer actually sent us over 700 proofs. I narrowed those down to my top 200 to share with my family, my top 100 to share with Facebook, and the top 15 to share with you…. you’re welcome.

It’s not necessarily the “top” as in “the best”, but it’s the most interesting/most different from previous pics of posted.

The first is of Husband and two of his best friends walking down the deck at the Yacht Club. Our photographer made them put on these ridiculous thick black rimmed glasses for some of the pictures. We didn’t dig them, but we rocked them anyways.

This is the moment Husband and I saw each other for the first time. “Awwwwww!”

Mom-in-law chocking her son…Zoey looking pretty and not getting in trouble, so typical.

The whole bridal party taking a run down the boardwalk.

Our awesome wedding day shoes.

Husband, Officiator/best friend, and myself laughing and having the time of our lives.

The photographer spotted this area after the ceremony and asked us to pose here, and it really turned out great.

The moment Zoey and I realized we are officially sisters.

The gazebo where Husband and I were supposed to be married, (thanks a lot rain). We took a picture here when we were first dating 7 years ago.

Our private party area to view the EPCOT fireworks. All of our guests got to join us in “Italy” to enjoy the show; free of the large Disney crowds.

The bridal party, plus our parents, getting read to “Party Rock” while being announced at the reception!

Mom and Dad gettin’ down on the dance floor.

This picture truly captures the mood at our reception.

If only you could see Husband’s very annoyed face as I smeared icing over his lips, nose, and cheeks.

This beautiful girl caught my bouquet. Can you believe I taught her 2nd grade when I was just a first-year teacher!? Love that girl.

The end.

I’m officially done posting about my wedding. Kind of sad, right? Technically we are not legally married yet…still waiting for that darn wedding license to get returned. I’ve been a little stressed about not getting it back yet, but now that I think about it… If we never get it back, we will just have to have another wedding! I’m thinking Hawaii at sunset set next time around…


5 Replies to “You Just Thought It Was Over”

  1. I must say that you were the best first year second grade teacher that we could have ever wished for. Thank you for letting us us be a part of your fantastic wedding. We will never forget it!

    1. Aww Thanks Betsy! Your family was such a big help that year, I’ll never forget how much you did for me and the classroom. And, I’m SOOO happy that you and Lauren were able to make it to the wedding, it mean so much to me!

  2. The photos of Wendy chocking Peter. Where was Mark? He wasn’t in any of those photos.

    1. oh there were plenty of pictures with mark, but im not sure why he wasn’t in that one… Maybe that was when he had to run back to the hotel to pick up people

  3. Also, my favorite photo is the 1st firework photo. The first fireworks going off, In the background you see Epcot, and the clouds receding from the earlier storm. The colors are fabulous, the both of you looking so happy. That’s one of the photos I will be ordering.

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