I’m famous, I think

Husband and I  were featured on Disney’s Fairy Tale Honeymoon and Wedding Ever After Blog.  Their blog has a section featuring Real Weddings and Husband and I were chosen as a “real couple” and were apparently interesting enough to get our own post. Woohoo!

You can read all about us here! Really…just click right here. This makes me famous, right?! Famous enough to meet Ellen?!? Or join the cast of Dancing With The Stars?!?! Be honest.

I guess I lied the other day…I know I said I posted my last wedding post, but how can I not share this exciting news!?!?

My only concern is that Disney calls us an “eccentric couple” in their story…. I’m sure they meant to say fun and attractive.

I’ll let you know when we get our book deal.


5 Replies to “I’m famous, I think”

  1. That’s so cool! So since my pic is on the blog that makes me famous too..right?! ha ha! Congrats y’all 🙂

    1. It does! So we will have remind each other of where we came from to keep from getting a big head…you know, remember all the little people. haha

      1. Of course, dahhhling 😉

  2. How exciting! LOVE the photo of you with your bridesmaids in gumboots! 😀

    1. thank you, we really tried to make the most of our rainy situation!

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