Waffles and Dinges

Ever heard of a Dinge? Me neither. Here’s a description of a dinge.

Did that help? Me neither.

Waffles and Dinges are incredible food carts/trucks that are located in a few different spots around Manhattan, but almost always can be found at the south end of Central Park. The first time I tried them I couldn’t believe how scrumptious these waffles were. They are baked to perfection with a slightly crispy coating (of what I guess is syrup) lightly coating them. They are then topped with powdered sugar and either fruit or ice cream.

Not only are the waffles really warm and tasty, but also are served by very friendly guys who are smiling and listening to jazz and swing style music. The cooks are so friendly that they even gave me a free “wafleini” after Belle knocked mine out of my hands.


Oh, what’s that? You’ve never heard of a wafelini? Well let me explain. A Wafelini is a mini waffle on a stick surrounded by pieces of banana and strawberries and topped with powdered sugar.


Hungry for more? A “Brussels Waffle” is a large light and crispy waffle. It is “the mother of all waffles” and first came to New York for the 1964 World Fair.

Then, there’s the WMD. This Waffle of Massive Deliciousness is a waffle topped with basically any toppings you desire: ice cream, walnuts, bananas, nutella, strawberries, chocolate fudge, maple syrup, and much more.

This food truck isn’t exactly a healthy snack, but trust me, it’s worth the extra calories. Plus, you can just take a nice jog through the park after. No? A walk maybe? Well, there are always other modes of transportation conveniently waiting next to the Waffles and Dinges cart.




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  1. Zoey has planned that we are going here on Friday after we go to FAO Shwartz! Will you join us!

    1. for sure, i wouldn’t miss a waffle and dinges trip!

  2. I’ll add this to my NYC list!

    1. that list is getting pretty long Melissa

  3. Was that there when we were there? Put it on our agenda for next time. Are you tired of being a tour guide yet?

  4. […] to skip the rest of the walk (no photos) and move right outside the walls of the park (near the waffles and dinges cart). Often there are vendors with carts, kiosks, and cart/kiosks, set up along the brick sidewalks […]

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