Robin Roberts in the Morning

I have never in my life been a morning person. Even as a child, I missed all the Saturday morning cartoons, was habitually late for school (Mom was also a late sleeper), and even slept in on Christmas morning. I was born a night owl. I was always the last one to fall asleep at slumber parties (sorry if I ever froze your panties). At ten years old I managed to stay up so late on Friday night that I was able to catch the Saturday morning cartoons (FINALLY). As an adult, my habits have not really improved. I really really really WANT to be a morning person, until morning actually comes and all I want is 5 extra minutes, again and again and again.

I need motivation to “rise and shine”. Motivation comes in two forms for me: coffee and accountability.

I mentioned in an older post about my mishaps in the kitchen each and every morning. I swear the time from getting out of bed to drinking my coffee is a complete blur to me. The only things I remember are my horrible chirping alarm, Robin Roberts, and the coffee.

Years ago, I used to get up at 4:30am each morning, be at the gym by 5am, and in the shower by 6:30am. I did more before work then some do all day! Now, I did not enjoy getting up at this horrible hour, not one bit. My secret to getting things done each and every day was “the buddy system”. I had a great friend who would call me every morning and tell me I had to get up and meet her at the gym. Each time I would yell “NOOOO!!!!!”, to which she would just respond, “See you there,” and hang-up. I never let her down. Although, the drive to the gym was another blur, and I wouldn’t speak to her the first ten minutes we were there.

However, I ended up moving away, and was never able to find an equivalent workout partner. Recently, I was complaining at work about how much I’d love to get up early and workout before work, but that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do this without a friend. I need someone to hold me accountable, and perhaps make my coffee each morning. My boss overheard me whining, such a snoop, and offered to text me every morning as encouragement. He actually does get up and go to a gym every single morning, all own his own! So, far the last 3 weeks I’ve received text messages like this shortly after my alarm goes off.

Goin’ to the gym.

Go to they gym.

Gym gym gym

Get up and go

Did you get up?

Get up!

It’s awesome. It’s like a mini Shaun T living in my phone and silently screaming at me. I’ve gone to the gym almost every morning. Having someone ask me every single day if I went to the gym is what I need. I feel so guilty if I don’t go, and so proud when I do. I keep asking to get a gold star on my own classroom rewards chart for each day I workout, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Now, since I’ve been getting up extra early I’ve been extra delirious. This morning, like every morning, I allegedly went into the kitchen and started the coffee maker. Then, I sat on the couch and turned on Good Morning America because the first voice I want to hear in the morning is Robin Roberts. I believe that Robin and I are destined to be great friends. She has such a friendly demeanor. No matter who she is interviewing, she makes it appear as if they’re life-long friends.

This particular morning, the first thing I heard from the TV was “Robin Roberts is on vacation”*. I blacked everything else out, and immediately fell back to sleep.  I should have taken her absence as some sort of bad omen.

At some point the smell of coffee woke me and I thought yay! Someone made coffee!

As I entered the kitchen I saw the coffee pot by the sink, not under the coffee maker… hmmm. Weird, I thought, did I already drink coffee? Did I even make coffee? Did someone else drink my coffee? Is this a nightmare?? Is Robin really on a vacation???

I walked to the coffee maker to see if it was empty or not, and stepped in a giant puddle of coffee. Shit.

Someone forgot to put the pot under the filter before starting the coffee.

Cleaning up a giant puddle of fresh coffee off the floor and counter is not what you want to do first thing in the morning, especially without having had any coffee yet. Which is why I made another pot of coffee before cleaning it.

The morning madness continued as I stepped in Belle’s vomit, ripped a whole in my work shirt, and burnt my finger while trying to make an egg. Still, I managed to pull myself together, fix my hair, and put the whole morning behind me before walking out the door for work.

At work, where I do not wear shoes, a toddler pointed out that my socks didn’t match. This is not that rare of an occurrence normally, but this morning I distinctly remember putting on matching socks. I know because I took the extra two minutes it took to dig through my sock drawer to find matching socks, leaving me no time to eat that second cookie I had my eye on.

So, how did this happen?

At least I coordinated the coffee cups with the French Toast…that’s a close match.

What did I learn from this big mess of a morning?

My vacations should coincide with Robin Roberts.


*Robin is not actually on vacation, as they keep saying, but is actually undergoing pre-treatment for myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). You can read her story here. Just more proof of how amazing this beautiful lady is.
P.S. Zoey is desperately trying to raise money for disadvantaged Nicaraguan children. If she can raise just $600 she can go volunteer with this great organization for a week. All the money goes to the kids and the organization (you won’t be paying for her flight or her salon visits or anything). You can donate here or here. Thanks, she’ll be oh so grateful! As will I…she is already driving me nuts and it’s only been a day.

6 Replies to “Robin Roberts in the Morning”

  1. Working out before work is so awesome! Too bad it only happens about twice a year.

  2. Hilarie, that was really funny, Mark and I have been married almost 28 years and he has learned not to talk to me until after coffee. If he has to tell me something important he asks me “are you awake yet”? I am also watching Robin Roberts as well. I miss her already and wish her well. He used to kiss me before going to the gym at 5:30am until I almost decked him a couple times. He gets up around 4:30 to me that’s the middle of the night! In winter it’s even worse. I can’t get up when it’s dark!

    1. haha, yeah we definitely try not to speak in the morning either. And, yes I agree, winter is horrible! I could just sleep all day!

  3. HAHA! You’re definitely my daughter! I’ve always wished I was a morning person too! How could we turn that round? And I didn’t know you liked Robin Roberts so much…I do too. She was just on the view talking about a new book she just wrote about her mother. Sounded good.

    1. Yes, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I fell in love with her. She is the best part of Good Morning America for sure. I’ll have to check out that book too!

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