Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Mary Poppins

Husband’s cousin is in town this week, which means we have another first time NYC visitor! I think that makes 15 visitors this year! This means we are yet again making our rounds to each Manhattan tourist spot. If any of you are ever planning a trip to the city and need help…you know who to ask! Seriously, why haven’t we started charging people for our services?

Cousin has never been to a Broadway show, and was pretty excited about the chance to see a musical during her visit. Her show of choice ended up being Mary Poppins. I’d already seen this musical once, and I must say, it was even better the second time around!


Mary Poppins is my all time favorite Disney movie! I have seen it at least 900 times. I was super excited to see the musical the first time, but I left with mixed feelings. The acting, singing, dancing, the set (omg the set…it’s unbelievable!), and the costumes were are great, magical even. The story however… was quite different.

The musical is based on the stories from the children’s books, by P.L. Travers, and the story from the Disney film. So, some scenes from the books were added, and a couple from the movie was taken away. The added scenes and songs weren’t bad, in fact; they were actually pretty good. It’s just hard to swallow if you’ve had the movie memorized since you were ten years old.

This time though, I knew what to expect; I could truly appreciate the talent and the theatrics. This show is really beautiful and amazing… the best combination of Disney and Broadway I have ever seen. (I like it 10 times better then The Lion King Musical). While watching it again, I remembered just how smart this Nanny is, and how much I have always wanted to be like her.

In life, and certainly in my classroom, there are lots of very important lessons I learned from Miss Poppins. Here’s my top 10.

  1. Always carry a large purse full of surprises. This one is especially true for teachers, and Mother’s I assume. We need our bag of tricks.
  2. Be confident and always describe yourself as “practically perfect in everyway.” I have only said this to my students; I’m not quite confident enough to write it on a resume yet.
  3. Children love someone who is stern, honest, and knows how to throw in some “elements of fun”. I try my very best to use all 3 qualities when teaching.
  4. Every lady needs a man who can dance, make here laugh, adore her, and always have her back. I’m so glad I found my Bert.
  5. Never reveal too much information to your employers. AKA, do not friend your boss on Facebook! I don’t even friend my co-workers. Although, I’m pretty sure my current boss knows I’ll leave “as soon as the wind changes”. If only I had a large umbrella to travel by.
  6. Always look your best. People treat you as you appear.
  7. Never stop dreaming or using your imagination.
  8. Take medicine (and anything else hard to swallow or stomach) with spoonfuls of sugar. When I was teaching in Tennessee I played this famous song as our classroom “cleanup song”. It made the process much more cheerful, and I loved that all my students knew this song by heart.
  9. Remember it’s okay to get a little dirty. (Hey! Keep your mind out of the gutter!) Getting some soot and ash on your clothes and face is okay if you’re going to spend the night dancing on a roof top.
  10.  Be sure to take some time out to fly a kite, and enjoy time spent with your loved ones. Maybe even give the crazy bird lady your toppin’s.

Maybe I’ll make some time to watch the Mary Poppins the movie for 901st time this weekend. I could use a snuggle-up-in-my-pj’s-with-a-giant-bowl-of-popcorn–and-a-Disney-movie kind of night.


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  1. Kelly Johnson says: Reply

    Hannah was in your neck of the woods last week (very impromptu trip with my dad). They went to Mary Poppins & can NOT stop talking about it!! My father (very partial to the original of everything guy) even said he liked this Mary as much as Julie Amdrews!!!! “Bite your tongue!!!”, I said. But, he was totally serious!!

    Hannah did keep asking about you & when she was going to see you. LOL! I told her that next time we go we would call you… 🙂

    Still loving every word of your blog!! Thanks for letting me stalk your world!! LOL!! 🙂


    1. AWWW I wish I could have seen her! I bet she had a blast; what a fun trip! That is a huge compliment for that actress!! She was really talented, and Peter feels the same way; he has been talking about her and the show non-stop! haha It was very impressive.

  2. I don’t think I have ever seen the whole movie. Maybe I should watch it. I thought the spoonful of sugar song was from the Sound of Music (lol)!

    1. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! Misti, you are truly missing out! This is a serious issue. Stop whatever you are doing right this second and watch Mary Poppins. Then maybe watch Sound of Music again too! haha Julie Andrews stars in both of them if that makes you feel any better!

      1. Lol! I’ll put it on my to list. I’m still trying to finish Apollo 13.

        1. hahaha well you know with all your free time, im sure you’ll get it done. haha

  3. Like! I’ll keep those lessons in mind! I agree with you about changing things, which is why I HATE THE Beauty & the Beast musical at MGM!

    1. yeah it’s better if you know going into it that its going to be different…it’s like seeing the movie after reading the book

  4. I looooooooooove Mary Poppins!!!!!! I have to see the musical now:)

    1. Well come on over!

  5. Mary Poppins is 100% my favorite, too! I always think of her voice and her shoes. Is that weird? Also, I bought a $3 kite at the beach this year and stood solo in the waves holding the string while belting out “Let’s Go Fly a Kite!” I’m sure onlookers were quite amused.

    1. haha the shoes thing is funny! I’ve always wanted to be her for Halloween! I think it would be a fun costume to make. I haven’t flown a kite in so long! But, I know I’d be singing too, impossible not to!

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