Cowboy Take Me Away

Every now and then a girl just needs to get out of the big city, and out to the country. I love Manhattan’s skyline, city lights, and constant flow of excitement, but sometimes I need a big yard, starry skies, and the sounds of nature. If there is any polar opposite of New York City, it is Southeast Texas.

Since, my arrival (4 days ago), I’ve made a nice long list of Southern Vacation Achievements. It goes as follows:

-1 barbeque

-15 puppy cuddles

-4 bubble baths

-1 book finished

-5 movies watched

-3 babies kissed and hugged

-4 friends visited

-2 parents happily spoiling me with junk food and cable television

-12 episodes of Keeping up The Kardashians

-16 episodes of Sex and the City

-1 husband with a stomach virus…no bueno

-1 workout session

-87 mosquito bites

-2 four wheeler rides

– 108 times I’ve said “yall”

-1 sunburn

-1 awesome drive on my own with the radio blaring and me giving my best Mariah Carey impression. (Oh, how I miss driving!)


How is this possible?!?!?!

One of the best things about coming home is the abundance of Mexican restaurants. There must be one every 20 feet. I can’t throw a stone without hitting a Casa Ole, a Tequilla’s, or a Rancho Grande.

This is serious. I only have 3 days left to gorge myself on tacos and chips and salsa. Let the fiesta begin, and the list grow longer!


2 Replies to “Cowboy Take Me Away”

  1. Don’t worry, soon you will be adding grande nachos to your list!

    1. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can no one else make nachos like that??

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