Fun Day Numero Uno

Today was rainy…boo. AND, I had to babysit… double boo. I was still determined to enjoy this first day of the last day of summer so I searched really hard for the silver lining in all of those thick gray clouds.

When the heavy rain began to pour this morning, I decided to use my time inside to try a new curling technique I picked up from Pinterest, via YouTube.

This girl (Karmin) is super pretty, has great hair, is a really good singer, and makes this tutorial look easy. It’s not BTW. It took me at least a half hour to curl my hair with her technique, and by evening it looked like this…


To be fair, it was 110% humidity today.

When babysitting time came, I accidently arrived 20 minutes early, so I stopped for a pick me up at Our Little Brown Chocolate Bakery and Cafe. I love this cute little coffee shop, and I am rarely closer to it than Starbucks, so I took advantage of my proximity and extra time, and ordered a shaken iced pomegranate tea.


While babysitting, in the uber-fancy Upper East Side apartment, I got some time to myself (thanks to nap time). I got to take a minute to enjoy their amazing view that I will forever envy.


I made it to Central Park for about a half hour today and got to walk around with Husband, Zoey, and Belle before meeting Grandma-in-law for dinner.

We ate at the ONLY Burmese restaurant in Manhattan, Café Mingala. It’s the first time I have ever eaten Burmese food, and thanks to our friendly waiter, I learned a lot about Burma. For example, it’s nt longer called “Burma”, it’s now called Myanmar. It also has an amazing site called The Golden Rock, that I am now determined to see up close and in person one day.

This is a mural of the golden rock in the restaurant… looks like a lemon wearing a hat about to roll off a cliff.

The real one.

The Burmese/Myanmar food was delicious, and seemed to be a slight cross between Thai and Indian food. They had lots of vegetarian options, so I am an instant fan.


It’s now 11pm, which means I only have 2 hours left before I have to get in bed at a decent time!


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