The New-To-Us Park

Over the weekend, Husband decided he could limp around well enough, and we planned to spend the day at a brand new-to-us park. We grabbed our little Belle and took 3 trains deep into the heart of Queens to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

Flushing Meadows is the second biggest park in New York City, which means it’s bigger than Central Park! It houses the home of the Mets, the home of the US Open, a science museum, an art museum, a theatre, a zoo, a couple lakes, and tons and tons of fields and trees. We were shocked when we arrived to crowds of thousands of people. Turns out the US Open was happening as well as a Mets game. Luckily, the crowds stopped at the stadiums and the rest of the park was free of tourists and full of families.



I have never ever in my life seen a park with so many picnics and parties. There must have been thousands of families grilling out, playing volleyball, and spending quality time together. It was really nice to watch so many people getting along and being active together. We spotted at least 50 soccer games, 30 volleyball games, 12 baseball games, 8 games of tag, 2 water gun fights, and 1 game of croquet.


In the middle of the park are a few giant shallow pools, or fountains maybe, that have been drained. There were soccer games taking place in most of these spaces. We found one empty, and decided to use it as our own private dog park. Our game of fetch became very popular with the kids playing near us, and before we knew it, every child was in on the fun. They had a blast playing with Belle, and Belle was surprisingly not trying to bite their ankles.


After everyone was worn out, we went to explore the more popular and cultural parts of the park. I just re-read The Great Gatsby (so different reading it at 27 as opposed to 15). Anyways, there is a great ash heap in Gatsby known as the “Valley of Ashes” AND I recently learned that the “Valley of Ashes” was what Flushing Meadows was built on to create the World Fair in 1939!


The World’s Fair was held at Flushing Meadows twice, and several buildings and exhibitions were created for the events.


*For all you Disney Fans: This park is where Walt presented the Carousel of Progress during the 1964 World’s Fair!*

We came across a skate park and enjoyed watching the skateboarders, bike riders, roller-bladers, and even unicyclists pull stunts and tricks.


After walking past the zoo and through a hundred more family reunions we found a Hispanic woman selling fresh off the grill corn on the cob, slathered in mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese, and topped of with spices. It was DELICIOUS! We found her just in time too…I was one stomach growl away from crashing someone’s family BBQ.


We had so much fun at Flushing Meadows. The temperature was perfect, the scenery was beautiful, and the entertainment was endless. Our Sundays in the park never disappoint!


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  1. Those round things are where the aliens took off on Men in Black!

    1. yeah they are! I realized that last night and almost put it in the blog! glad you noticed

  2. I’ve always wanted to see that sculpture of Earth from the worlds fair. Belle looks so cute in that photo.

    1. Well I guess that means you need to make a trip to NYC!

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