One year ago I experienced my first Fashion’s Night Out, and blogged about it the second I got home. (I’d link to the post here, but thanks to MobileMe no longer existing I cannot do that.) Anyhow, I had the BEST night shopping in all of Manhattan’s fanciest stores, watching a free Ne-Yo concert, and literally running into Niki Minaj. I’ve been looking forward to the next one ever since.

H&M provided a free bus that transported people to every H&M in the city.
Walking down 5th Avenue gazing at the elaborate storefronts is half the fun!

Last night marked the 4th annual FNO. I have been planning my itinerary for the last two weeks, but the experience I was mostly excited about was the meet-and-greet with Darren Criss (of Glee fame) at Saks 5th Avenue. The second I got off work, Husband, Zoey, and I hopped in a cab and headed to 5th Avenue. We arrived an hour and a half before he was set to appear… and the line was already closed off!

I couldn’t believe it! Completely defeated, I slumped and sulked back to the first floor; I figured if I couldn’t have Darren, I could at least score some free Magnolia cupcakes and a martini. No such luck. We covered all 8 floors of Saks and we got one measly glow-stick bracelet and a perfume sample.

I had the best luck last year! I got to meet anyone I wanted, went home with bags of free samples, a full belly, and feeling tipsy from all the free cocktails. This night was starting to look a little bleak.

Somewhere around the designer purse section, right behind Oscar De La Renta’s meet-and-greet, things began to look up.

I ran into a Blue Man. At first, I was so off guard I couldn’t really register the fact that I was all of a sudden in the middle of the Blue Man Group. (Not too different from my reaction to running into Niki.) Once I came to my senses, the three of us took out our cameras and began following the blue trio past the purse section and up the escalator to the next floor where we found a DJ.

The Blue Man Group began dancing around the DJ, putting on his headphones, and then spinning their own tracks. All of a sudden a random person started dancing in the middle of the floor, and then right. before. my very. eyes. A FLASH MOB BROKE OUT!!!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how long I have wanted to see a flash mob in person! (To be honest, my REAL dream is to be a part of a flash mob, but this is a close second.)

Saks turned out to have lots of other fun activities that didn’t involve hugging Darren Criss. We found an Instagram printer that allowed you to print anything you took on Instagram. Then, we took pictures in a BCBG photo booth. Next, I “graffiti-ed” on a Crayola wall with a marker airbrush machine. I even got to play a fencing game on the Wii with an Olympic hopeful fencer, AND I won! Twice! Yay me!

Instagram #1
and Instagram #2
BCBG Photo booth…not very flattering, but fun!

I won! I won!

Just walking around the enormous department store was pretty fun and entertaining. The DJ’s were playing jams throughout the store, famous designers were walking around scoping out the joint and signing autographs, and there were tons of fun interactive booths! You could get henna tattoos from Rihanna’s tattoo artist. You could even get your nails, makeup, or hair done from professional stylists.

The lines were all too long for us to waste our time, but we enjoyed watching everyone else get free makeovers.
So many pretty things to look at!
These crayons were carved by an artist, and they look unbelievable!

What’s even better is that this was just our first stop! I’ve already put way too many photos on this one blog, so I’ll save the rest for tomorrow! Happy Shopping!


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  1. That’s so exciting!!!

    1. I know!!! I love it!!!

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  3. I am so planning on coming next year! Looks super fun!

    1. woohoo!!! please do!

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