Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is a super popular children’s book about a creative little girl who loves all things fancy. She dresses up like a Ballerina Princess on a daily basis and loves to use big “fancy” words like “ecstatic”, “fiasco”, and “parasol”, or sometimes she prefers to speak French. Nancy doesn’t understand why her parents choose to wear plain clothes and act so ordinary. She knows that being posh is much more fun. I see Fancy Nancy as a young Hilarie Panicked….a child who sees the beauty in life’s little joys and knows how important it is to wear heels….and fairy wings.

I may not be able to afford to shop like Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton but I still appreciate the expensive fashionable articles they’re always wearing. I appreciate them so much that I too often find myself shopping at the most expensive designer shops in Manhattan. By “shopping” I mean browsing, and this “browsing” often turns into hours of time spent in the dressing room, which leads to hours of self-loathing and pouting because I do not own Christian Louboutin shoes and a Prada purse.

Life’s so unfair.

The fact that I never leave Bottega Venata or Alexander McQueen with a bag in my arms has never kept me from drooling over their merchandise. I just treat these stores like museums…museums where I am allowed to touch things and try them on, but then carefully put them back on the shelves where they belong. It’s my chance to be my own Fancy Nancy.

Yesterday, I was so productive and awesome all morning that I decided to reward myself by going “shopping” at Bergdorf Goodman. My new book has got me all hyped up about Bergdorf’s, and I have been itching to go back and explore. Husband and I began our afternoon of admiration in the shoe parlor on the second floor.

Every lady needs a great pair of red heels.
Brilliant embellishments.

Now, brace yourself. This next pair of shoes is remarkable. So fun, creative, and cute… me! They just scream out my name! Can’t you hear them????

Love at first sight! These shoes were designed for Bergdorf’s 111th Birthday celebration and the design on the sides is copied from the design on the original shopping bags.

The next 4 floors were decked out in designer duds. I was so busy gawking and ooohhing and awwwing that I didn’t think to take any pictures in these areas. Please try your best to imagine me in a lovely long, black, and lace Valentino coat. I looked stunning, I promise you.

The 7th floor was more unique. This floor had fine china, home décor, gifts, stationary, books, and children and baby clothes!

Man, would the future Positively Panicked Jr. look adorable in a pair of these baby Gucci shoes, or Little Marc Jacobs flats.

There is also a lavish restaurant on this floor with large windows and a view of Central Park and The Plaza.

I was enjoying my fantasy of living a life a luxury so much that I decided we had to go to the Plaza and have a drink after our long day of shopping because that’s what rich fancy people do. I sipped my espresso from my green, velvet, oversized chair that sat next to the window so I could watch all the little people walk by on what I assume was their way home from work.

Not my picture, but this is the champagne bar we sat at forever and ever to talk and relax.

The whole outing cost me 7 bucks, although I was very close to selling my soul for those purple shoes.

Au revoir shoes…until we meet again.


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  1. I have my pair picked out! : ). I need some fancy nancy in my life!

    1. doesn’t everyone? Which ones do you like? Maybe Santa will bring you some fancy shoes!

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