The Weekend Photo Album

Our recent weekend was full of lovely fresh fall moments. Besides spending all morning in the park with Belle, we did some sight seeing and people watching.

While relaxing in Central Park, right above Bethesda Fountain, we found two very young girls playing the violin. I am going to assume that these two girls are Juilliard students making some extra money for fun because they were phenomenal! They ended up drawing a very large crowd of people who sat and watched forEVER (hello! free concert!), and they each dropped cash in their violin cases before finally walking away.

Quite possible the most beautiful music I’ve heard on the streets (or sidewalks) of New York.

After listening and watching for a while we walked through the Mall and towards the Sheep’s Meadow.

Can’t wait until the leaves change colors

Near the volleyball courts we found a soccer match, and I was fixated on this intense looking goalie.

Later, we walked to Ward’s Island Bridge. This is a walking Bridge that leads to Ward’s Island (named after the large psychiatric ward located on the island) that Husband has been dying to check out. It was a nice walk, but the island itself was a little boring and slightly creepy. We couldn’t help, but think about Shutter Island and fear that we would never be able to leave.


Next stop was the Lower East Side to check out the preview of the highly anticipated LowLine. The LowLine is an innovative park being planned by a creative team in NYC. They want to transform an abandoned trolley station into and underground park, basically the opposite of the HighLine. The preview was a small replica of what to expect from the LowLine put together in a large warehouse. It was interesting to read about the plans for this future park, but it will be MUCH cooler when it’s actually completed.

I can’t wait to see the finished project with real plants growing under the city!

The cherry on top of our weekend was getting to enjoy the FABULOUS view from the top of a friend’s building (46 floors up)! His rooftop is complete with potted plants, small trees, and lounge chairs.

3 more days until my next weekend begins!



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