A High Calorie Post

Besides refining our taste for fine art this weekend, we also refine our palettes. We did lots of walking and exploring, and I decided it would be wise to stop in any interesting restaurants we see. It’s so hard to decide on a place to eat in this city. There are just too many choices. Ordering take-out is often so overwhelming that we end up eating Kraft macaroni and cheese to avoid a fight.

After our escapes with Art Saturday, we stopped for a snack at our favorite chocolate shop. Vosges Haut-Chocolat is the BEST place to buy chocolate! They are always super friendly and happy to hand out samples of anything you’d like to try. Every few months they come up with some new crazy flavors, and this weekend happened to be one of these times.


We bought the Crispy Carrot Chocolate bar, which is 100% better than it sounds.

After dessert, we went downtown for dinner at Arturo’s. Arturo’s is an old and famous pizzeria known for it’s never-changing setting and it’s nightly live jazz music. We devoured our Caesar salad and large pizza within minutes! I’m sure it was delicious, but we were so hungry that I barely tasted it.


Sunday, we took one of our  “Great Walks of New York”. This walk that was supposed to last 45 minutes, ended up taking about 4 hours. We are easily distracted.

The first distraction was an adorable little restaurant name The Little Owl. It is in the middle of Greenwich Village, and directly across from a cute wood-framed house built by William Hyde. The atmosphere here reminded me so much of our favorite teahouse in Venice. It only had room for a handful of tables, the waiters acted like old friends, and the food…. The food was phenomenal!!! It was only 5pm when we decided to try The Little Owl so we just shared a few things. We will be going back for sure!

See the adorable home right across the street??


Arugula, peach, and fig Salad with Champagne Dijon dressing
don’t judge, but we were craving french fries ALL day…and these may just be the best fries I’ve ever had
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Not too long after leaving our new favorite restaurant, we came across Milk and Cookies Bakery. The smell of fresh baked cookies wafting out onto the sidewalk lured us in, and forced us to order MORE dessert.



The weather is sadly starting to get chilly so I ordered hot cocoa, but Husband got the Bacon Smack. The Bacon Smack consist of maple syrup, candied Neuskes cherry wood smoked bacon, dried cranberries, 72% dark chocolate chunks, toffee, and graham cracker pieces. I’ll probably be ostracized by fellow vegetarians for admitting this, but I tasted it. Holy Hell, that cookie is good! (In full disclosure, I haven’t had real bacon in years, so just the hint of bacon flavor in a cookie was pure heaven.)


11,885 calories later, we are stuffed and happy. Maybe the rest of the weekend should be spent at the gym?

Or maybe that should wait until Monday…woops Tuesday.


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  1. Hilarie..you are making me wish we were there for a month now when we go visit!!! ha ha! So many cool places to see…looking forward to be shown around by the best host/hostess and tour guides EVER! 🙂

    1. a month would be perfect…on second thought, maybe you should just move here! You know they’re remodeling the apt right under ours!

      1. I will talk to Scott…can you put the down payment for us to hold it? HA HA HA!

        1. done. Consider it a house warming present. 🙂

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