My Reality/Dream Home

I have BIG plans for Husband’s and my future. BIG plans that probably (most definitely) require both of us to have much better jobs (e.g. world famous director, world famous stay-at-home Mom/Dancing with the Stars cast member) a couple babies, an old house outside of the city, and a large front porch.

Anytime I plan anything, I plan BIG. The problem with most of my BIG plans is that I tend to set my sights very high, and become 100% certain that these plans will pan out perfectly. Sometimes, this is beneficial and productive…like the time I planned to turn my classroom into an wonderful blue ocean.

So stinkin’ cute! The first day of school the kids walked into a room full of bubbles and “Under the Sea” playing on the stereo.

Or that time I wanted a dinosaur themed house party…

NO ONE is allowed at our parties without a costume.

These plans worked. These ideas proved that my tendency to shoot for the stars is not always unreasonable. I stuck to my guns, and reaped the loud, colorful, and crazy outcomes.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case. More often, things do not go exactly how I imagined for so very long. After having my heart set on a plan for so long, it is incredibly disappointing to see it bomb. I always truly believe that I will meet my expectations. It’s a major shock when certain situations are not how I imagined. Just take a look into my imagination about 18 months ago…

May 2011: Husband and I officially decided to make the move to NYC. Besides picturing us on walks through Central Park, at Broadway shows every Friday night, and shopping down 5th Avenue, I also imagined our quaint and cozy NYC apartment. I knew our apartment would be small, but I also knew we could fix it up to suit our taste. This is what I saw in my mind:

Just a little elbow grease right?

After a few weeks of apartment hunting, reality set in, and I had to accept that we would not be living in my imaginary apartment. This is what our apartment actually looks like (well part of it)…it’s not terrible, but you can see how it’s quite a downgrade from my where my heart and mind had already taken residence.

Now, I’ve adjusted and grown to love like our tiny home, and I’ve switched gears to focus my entire domestic planning time on our brand new yet-to-be-discovered home. My imagination is always running wild, but with the aid of Pinterest it has gone completely insane with house planning ideas.

My dream house will have to have a large bathtub…for sure. Oh, and this one comes with a metal rack to hold a book and a glass of wine!
Hidden wine cellar in the kitchen floor
A library wouldn’t hurt either
I am no matter what, definitely going to turn a closet into a reading nook! This idea is pure genius!
Must have a large porch to fit this swing
And, the dream house is complete with the dream backyard.

Just the other day, while doing my weekly window-shopping trip to Anthroplogie, I found the perfect bedroom!

Look at the rolling skinny wooden table that rolls over top of the bed!!!! Can’t you imagine breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a great gossip magazine in the morning?
Love all the little details…the tin can table, the rope chandeliers, a tea set on the breakfast table, and the modern book shelf.

I am in love! The current plan is to purchase this entire set, move it into my freshly refurbished country home, and face the bed towards the large exterior French doors that open onto the beach. (A man-made beach, obviously, no beaches in Tennessee…gotta be realistic here.)

Anyone else pinning and planning their future dream homes??


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  1. Looks like you have a lot of areas for relaxing and lounging in your future house. And you don’t need a library now, because you have a nook!

    1. you make two very good points…I guess relaxing is a top priority haha! I didn’t realize that’s basically what every idea was….AND sometimes I forget about the nook. The library just looks so nice!

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