Hiding in the Closet

Yesterday was the last day of my writing hiatus and I decided to use it wisely. The plan was to be very productive without ever getting out of my pj’s, brushing my hair, or applying make-up. I’m proud to say it was a success!

I spent the entire day completing several weeks worth of lesson plans and cleaning out my closet. Every Fall and Spring I give my closet and my wardrobe a deep cleanse. Because our apartment is small and has basically zero closet space, I have to very carefully organize my clothes, and always get rid of the crap I no longer wear. This involves boxing up my winter wardrobe during the warm months and vice versa during the cold months.

Our apartment came with ONE teeny tiny closet, not even wide enough to hang a shirt. I had to get very creative in order to have space for our clothes. The result was a loft bed and an ingenious walk-in closet underneath. Sleeping in a loft is not ideal, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make to have space for my clothes and shoes.

The one and only teeny tiny closet that came with the apartment.
the loft/closet
The view into the closet. This was taken prior to Husband’s clothes being hung. Now, you can no longer see inside.

To prepare for all the time I would be spending in my closet, I set up the first season of Sex and the City on my laptop, poured a cup of coffee, and popped some popcorn for sustenance. I started off feeling really motivated and productive. I was folding up tank tops, replacing them with sweaters, and making a large pile of “why did I even buy that?” pieces. Twenty minutes later, Carrie’s romantic roller coaster with Mr. Big got me a little sidetracked.

I found myself curled up in a sweater, snacking, sipping coffee, and emotionally invested in SatC. The closet became my sanctuary, and reminded just how important it is to get some alone time in my own alone space. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending time with Husband. He is the most fun person I know, and we spend basically every day and night together, but sometimes…every once in a while…it’s nice to escape, even if it’s in my closet.

awww serenity

Typically, I’ll have a girl’s night out, or I’ll stay in while he has a boy’s night whenever I need some time to myself. It’s hard for either of us to escape each other in our apartment, considering the space, so I was pretty excited to do my own thing for a couple hours.

At some point, Husband startled me by popping his head in my new hideout. I didn’t even notice him until he asked why I was having a picnic in our closet. I did not want him to discover what I was really up to so I quickly jumped up and began organizing my sock drawer to prove I was at work. Once I suggested he start going through his own clothes, he hurried out and returned to his own space in the living room….leaving me with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.

Eventually I actually did clean out my wardrobe and re-organize the closet. Warning: if you plan on cleaning out your closet this season I suggest NOT watching SatC, it will only encourage you to buy an entire new wardrobe….a very expensive designer wardrobe. Maybe watch Two Broke Girls instead. Happy cleaning!


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