The Nail Polish Fairy

A few times a week I have the luxury of walking home during my lunch break. The other day I came home to an empty apartment (a rarity), and before I could nuke my vegetarian burrito the buzzer was buzzing, the dog was barking, and I had spilled fresh coffee grinds all over the kitchen floor. Irritated that my lunch break was quickly fleeting, I ran to the intercom to see who was buzzing.

“Package for Hilarie,” mumbled a man, and I quickly buzzed him into my building. (Apparently, that’s all you have to say to get into my apartment…) Anyways, my package turned out to be a little green gift bag with my name on it full of nail polish:  ten bottles of brand new Sally Hansen nail polish!

I have been complaining lately about how I need new nail polish, but I just have no idea what to get. There are so many brands, colors, and fancy little trickster polishes. I always get overwhelmed in the nail section at Sephora and end up painting each nail a different color, then leaving the store with lip gloss and an eyeliner. Naturally, I assumed the package of nail polish meant the Nail Polish Fairy heard my pleas and was finally granting my wishes..

Turns out, it wasn’t a fairy. Shocking, I know. Someone who works for my blog (i.e. Husband) had it delivered for me to review. Husband has been a great co-worker/employee, but I was surprised by this particular decision.

I suck at painting my nails. Seriously, a kindergartner could do a better job. It’s flattering that Husband thinks I can do anything, but this was an unexpected surprise.

After a little debate, I decided that maybe I can do anything, or I can at least try. So, I did some research (i.e. looked on Pinterest), and put my fingers to work. First thing up: the Sally Hansen’s Magnetic nail color – Kinetic Copper.

It was not easy. I’m getting much better at painting so it at least looks smooth, but my right hand is near impossible to paint. Appreciating the challenge, I slowly and steadily took all the time in the world to carefully paint each nail.

Looks nice, right?

It’s super easy too. Just paint a base coat. Then, after you paint a second coat you simply hold the magnet (on top of the lid) over your nail for 10 seconds and it creates this cool wavy affect on your nail! The best part is that the lid has a little lip on it so you can actually set the lid on your finger without it touching your nail; genius!

Also, I’d like to mention that I have had this on my nails for a few days now and I have zero chips, a miracle for me! I am so rough on my hands that my nail polish rarely lasts more than a day without getting chipped.

Thanks Husband and thanks Sally Hansen for motivating me to be a good nail painter! Soon I promise to use one of those Pinterest tutorials and attempt a more challenging design, something to look forward to!


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  1. Good job!

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